Center for Voting and Democracy
The Center for Voting and Democracy educates the public about the impact of voting systems on political representation, proportional representation (PR), voter turnout, and the influence of money in elections.

Approval Voting Home Page
A site devoted to approval voting. You can download Steve Bram's paper on the1992 Presidential election.
Enhancing participation in the democratic process. Events include live cybercasts of congressional hearings and town hall meetings with members of Congress on Internet policy issues.

Kenneth J. Arrow
A biography of the 1972 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics at the Nobel Prize Internet Archive.

Federal Election Reform Network

The National Commission on Federal Election Reform, chaired by Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. The commission's report is available here.

The Constitution Project
The Constitution Project's page on election reform. Election Reform

Election reform news from, which is operated by the Pew Center on the States.

Election Methods
The Election Methods Education and Research Group site.