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Product No. 8006 Video and Guides Price: $350.00

Statistics: Decisions Through Data Video Series Hours One through Five With User's Guide and Student Workbook (VHS)

David S. Moore

Mathematics Topic:
Application Areas:
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Statistics: Decisions Through Data is an introductory statistics course that unravels the statistical arguments behind surveys, polls, experiments, and product claims. Each episode begins with a documentary segment that engages students' interest, and then teaches skills to gather data, analyze patterns, and draw conclusions about real-world issues.

Now available on DVD product no. 8600

Hour 1: Basic Data Analysis (Poduct No.8001)
Hour 2: Data Analysis for One Variable (Product No.8002)
Hour 3: Data Analysis for Two Variables (Product No.8003)
Hour 4: Planning Data Collection (Product No.8004)
Hour 5: Introduction to Inference (Product No.8005)
Student Workbook (Product No.8008)
User's Guide (Product No.8007)

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