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99630 The Q-Q Plot, A Graphical Method for Comparing Two Samples (UMAP) Supp Social sciences Statistics, Probability
Articles Modeling - Based Calculus with R / mosaic Supp Software for Calculus Various, Calculus, Modeling, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Statistics
99796 Photovoltaic Systems Off-Grid (UMAP) Supp Solar energy Differential Calculus
99679 The Solar Concentrating Properties of a Conical Reflector (UMAP) Supp Solar energy optics, physics, environment Calculus, Geometry
99460 An Application of Dihedral Groups (UMAP) Supp Sorting mail Abstract Algebra, Geometry
Articles An Application of Matrices to Space Shuttle Technology Supp Space Linear Algebra
Articles Tennis , Golf , and Loose Gravel: Insight from Easy Mathematical Models Supp Sports Modeling
Articles Bowling and Mathematics Supp Sports Various
Articles Dynamics: Throwing Javelin, Putting the Shot Supp Sports Geometry, Various
Articles Handicapping a Championship Series with Elementary Symmetric Polynomials Supp Sports Probability, Statistics
Articles Winning Streaks, Shutouts, and the Length of the World Series Supp Sports Probability, Statistics
Articles Racquetball as a Stochastic Process Supp Sports Various
Articles Optimizing Golf Bag Locations Supp Sports Graph Theory, Modeling, Calculus
99579 An Application of EDA to the 1980 New York City Marathon (UMAP) Supp Sports Statistics, Probability
Articles To Punt or Not to Punt (UMAP) Supp Sports analysis Article, Probability
Articles Running a Faster Race (UMAP) Supp Sports Analysis Differential Equations, Trigonometry, Calculus, Article
Articles The Pythagorean Theorem of Baseball and Alternative Models (UMAP) Supp Sports Analysis Probability, Statistics, Calculus, Article
Articles Winning Streaks, Shutouts, and the Length of the World Series (UMAP) Supp Sports Analysis Algebra, Probability, Elementary Functions
99487 Randomization Tests (UMAP) Supp Statistics Statistics, Probability
99771 The Probability that a Queen Sits Beside a King: Juxtapositions and Runs in a Random Permutation (UMAP) Supp Statistics, applied probability, recreational mathematics Statistics, Probability
8007 Statistics: Decisions Through Data User's Guide Only Video Statistics: Decisions Through Data Statistics
8008 Statistics: Decisions Through Data Student Workbook Video Statistics: Decisions Through Data Statistics
99576 Getting in Touch with Touchy Questions (UMAP) Supp Survey research Statistics, Probability
Articles Calculus: An Infinitesimal Model for Teaching Supp Teaching Calculus
On Jargon Pure and Applied Mathematics from an Industrial Perspective Supp Technology Applied Mathematics
99321 Curve Fitting via the Criterion of Least Squares (UMAP) Supp Test analysis, biology, medicine Algebra, Calculus 2
7616 TechMAP CD-ROM: Vocational and Technical Applications Supp Test Prep, Standardize Test Preparation Various
99396 Series and Games: From Paradox to Paradox (UMAP) Supp Theory of games Finite Mathematics, Probability, Calculus 3, Calculus 2
Articles Maximizing Fun at a Theme Park (UMAP) Supp Time and cost management Number Theory, Article
99326 The Contraction Mapping Principle (UMAP) Supp Topography Analysis
ILAP Ramp Metering of Freeways (ILAP) Supp Traffic Engineering Algebra
ILAP Vehicle Emissions (ILAP) Supp Traffic Engineering Algebra
Articles Braess's Paradox: A Puzzler from Applied Network Analysis Supp Traffic flow Various
On Jargon Variational Inequalities: One-Stop Shopping for Optima and Equilibria Supp Traffic flow theory, economics, game theory Applied Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Optimization, Calculus 3, Geometry
99793 The Scheduling of Traffic Lights (UMAP) Supp Traffic management Graph Theory, Optimization
ILAP Travel Demand Forecasting and Analysis for South Texas (ILAP) Supp Transportation Planning Algebra, Calculus, Statistics
Articles Simpson's Rule for Double Integrals Supp Trapezoid rule Calculus
Articles Stability of Membership in Congress, 1789 Onwards Supp United States Government Various
7292 UMAP Journal 29.2 Summer 2008 Edition Peri Various Various
DevMAP Chapter 5: Quadratic Functions and Radicals: Instructor Resources Text Various Various
7293 UMAP Journal 29.3 Fall 2008 Edition - The 2008 MCM Contest Edition Peri Various Various
7294 UMAP Journal 29.4 Winter 2008 Edition Peri Various Various
Articles Always Buy Two (or More)? Supp Various Various
Articles Searching for Text in Vector Space Supp Various Various
Articles The Puzzle No. Crunch (TopSpin)and Word Length in the Symmetric Group Supp Various Various
7708 CD UMAP / ILAP Modules 2008: Tools for Teaching CD-Rom Peri Various Various
8585 Math is Everywhere DVD Video Various Various
7301 UMAP Journal 30.1 Spring 2009 Edition Peri Various Various
7302 UMAP Journal 30.2 Summer 2009 Edition Peri Various Various, Modeling
7304 UMAP Journal 30.4 Winter 2009 Edition Peri Various Various

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