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99251 Strange Result in Visual Perception (UMAP) Supp Physiology, psychology Calculus
Articles Strategy for Hiring a Secretary Supp Buisness Various
On Jargon Structured Programming Supp Various Various
99490 The Sturmian Sequence for Isolating Zeros of Polynomials (UMAP) Supp Mathematical physics, ordinary differential equations, computer science Analysis, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Computer Science, Differential Equations
Articles Superior Beings , Their Powers , and the Problem of Evil: Can this be Mathematics? Supp Religion Various
Articles The Surgical Correction of Astigmatism Supp Medical Various
99580 Surveying Outer Space (UMAP) Supp Astronomy, astrophysics Precalculus, Trigonometry
ILAP Survival of Early Americans (ILAP) Supp Demography and Human Survivorship Curves Algebra, Precalculus
Articles Tank Calibration: Practical Examples in Approximation Techniques Supp Computational mathematics Various
Articles Tchuka Ruma Solitaire (UMAP) Supp Anthropology, game theory Article, Analysis, Number Theory
Articles Teaching Medical Students to Make Rational Decisions Supp Decision analysis Analysis, Various
HiMCM Notes Teamwork : A Winning Formula for Math Students Supp Contest Prep Various, Modeling
7616 TechMAP CD-ROM: Vocational and Technical Applications Supp Test Prep, Standardize Test Preparation Various
Articles Technical Text Editing Supp Various Various
Articles Telemetry Supp Various Various
99691 Temperature-Humidity Indices (UMAP) Supp Meteorology, physical science Precalculus
Articles Tennis , Golf , and Loose Gravel: Insight from Easy Mathematical Models Supp Sports Modeling
99747 The Terminator and Other Geographical Curves (UMAP) Supp Cartography & navigation Calculus 3
832017 Test 8317 Peri Various Various, Number Theory, Abstract Algebra, Differential Calculus, Differential Equations
99268 Testing a Hypothesis: T-test for Independent Samples (UMAP) Supp Biology Statistics
Articles Testing for Homogeneity Using Minimum Spanning Trees Supp Various Various
Articles There Are Infinitely Many Primes Supp Various Various
Articles Three Applications of Combinatorics to Problems in Immunology (UMAP) Supp Immunology Discrete Mathematics, Probability, Article
99425 The Three Dimensional Trapezoid Rule (UMAP) Supp Other math Calculus 3
Articles The Tides They Are A-Changing (UMAP) Supp Geography, topography, geography Modeling, Trigonometry, Elementary Functions, Article
99570 Tiltup Panels: Locate the Pulleys (UMAP) Supp Optimization, Engineering Calculus
99688 Time Resources in Animals (UMAP) Supp Biology Algebra, Linear Algebra
Articles Timing the Blind Watchmaker: Comments on an Evolution Model of Richard Dawkins Supp Various Various
Articles To Punt or Not to Punt (UMAP) Supp Sports analysis Article, Probability
Biomath Tomography Supp Biology Various
Biomath Tomography : Looking Inside With Outside Tools (Student) Text Biology Various, Modeling
Biomath Tomography : Looking Inside With Outside Tools (Teacher) Text Biology Modeling, Various
99318 Tomography (UMAP) Supp Applied analysis / Medical radiology Analysis
6903 Tools Of the Trade DVD/CD-ROM Video Agriculture-Based Mathematics Algebra, Analysis, Calculus, Modeling, Percents, Precalculus, Linear Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Business Mathematics, Difference Equations
Articles A Tour of Graphical Typesetting on the Macintosh Supp Computer Science Various
On Jargon Toward a Clean and Lively Calculus Supp Various Calculus
99074 Translation Tracer Methods in Permeability (Portuguese) (UMAP) Supp Medicine Calculus
99074 Tracer Methods in Permeability (UMAP) Supp Medicine Calculus
ILAP Travel Demand Forecasting and Analysis for South Texas (ILAP) Supp Transportation Planning Algebra, Calculus, Statistics
Articles Traveling Door to Door with a DNA Computer Supp Molecular Biology, Travel Number Theory, Optimization, Graph Theory, Modeling
99589 Traversability in Graphs (UMAP) Supp Model construction Graph Theory, Discrete Mathematics
Math Today Trees Built for Biologists Supp Biology Computer Science, Statistics, Modeling
99773 Trigonometry Requires Calculus, Not Vice Versa (UMAP) Supp All applications of measures of angles and trigonometry Calculus
99555 The t-Test for Independent Samples (UMAP) Supp Political and Social Science Statistics, Probability
ILAP Tuition Prepayment Plan (ILAP) Supp Economics, Finance, Business Difference Equations, Discrete Mathematics, Discrete Dynamical Systems
99802 Turning All Lights Out Supp Puzzles, Recreational Mathematics Graph Theory, Linear Algebra
99683 Two Level Factorial Designs and Yates' Analysis (UMAP) Supp Industrial quality control, educational testing, baseball, and more. Statistics
99633 Two Sieves for Prime Numbers (UMAP) Supp Coding Number Theory
7700 UMAP / ILAP Modules 2000: Tools for Teaching Peri Various Various
7701 UMAP / ILAP Modules 2001-02: Tools for Teaching Peri Various Various

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