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99630 The Q-Q Plot, A Graphical Method for Comparing Two Samples (UMAP) Supp Social sciences Statistics, Probability
99631 Expected Value at Jal Alai and Pari Mutual Gambling (UMAP) Supp Gambling Statistics, Probability
99632 The Use of Dimensionless Analysis in Mathematical Modeling (UMAP) Supp Physical sciences and engineering Modeling, Differential Equations
99633 Two Sieves for Prime Numbers (UMAP) Supp Coding Number Theory
7628 Principles and Practice of Mathematics CD-ROM Text Calculus Calculus
7282 UMAP Journal 28.2 Summer 2007 Edition Peri Various Various
99634 Probability in Contested Election (UMAP) Supp Political science, law Statistics, Probability
Articles Bidding Optimally on The Price Is Right Supp Economics, Psychology Probability, Optimization, Discrete Mathematics
Articles Evacuating an Elementary School Building Supp Evacuation strategies, Scheduling Modeling, Optimization, Discrete Mathematics
Articles Winning Streaks, Shutouts, and the Length of the World Series (UMAP) Supp Sports Analysis Algebra, Probability, Elementary Functions
DevMAP Chapter 1: Measurement: Student Edition Text Various Various
DevMAP Chapter 1: Measurement: Instructor Resources Text Various Various
99635 Differential Growth, Huxley's Allometric Formula, and Sigmoid Growth (UMAP) Supp Biology Calculus, Analytic Geometry
7283 UMAP Journal 28.3 Fall 2007 Edition - The 2007 MCM Contest Edition Peri Various Various
7707 UMAP / ILAP Modules 2007: Tools for Teaching Peri Various Various
7284 UMAP Journal 28.4 Winter 2007 Edition Peri Various Various
99797 Collecting Trading Cards Supp Collecting Probability
Articles The Search for Planets Beyond the Solar System Supp Physics, Astronomy Trigonometry, Calculus
Articles Penney Ante: Counterintuitive Probabilities in Coin Tossing Supp Other areas of mathematic, Mathematics Education Modeling, Probability, Linear Algebra
99638 The St. Louis Arch Problem (UMAP) Supp Architecture Calculus, Geometry, Precalculus, Trigonometry
Articles Optimal Klackers Supp Optimization strategies, Game strategy Optimization, Probability
Articles Finding a Hidden Coin Supp Medicine, Cancer Diagnosis Trigonometry, Optimization, Probability, Modeling, Geometry, Calculus, Algebra
Articles Googling Markov Supp Programming Linear Algebra, Probability
On Jargon Variational Inequalities: One-Stop Shopping for Optima and Equilibria Supp Traffic flow theory, economics, game theory Applied Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Optimization, Calculus 3, Geometry
ILAP Water Purification Supp Water Resources Management, Environmental Engineering Calculus, Differential Equations
On Jargon The Art of Anonymity: Exploring DC-Nets Supp Cryptography, Communications Number Theory, Graph Theory, Probability
Articles Pigtail: A Pig Addendum Supp Game design, game strategy Optimization, Probability
Articles Traveling Door to Door with a DNA Computer Supp Molecular Biology, Travel Number Theory, Optimization, Graph Theory, Modeling
Articles A Revolving Door Birthday Problem Supp Economics, Biology, Business, Management, Human Resources Linear Algebra, Probability
Articles Pointillism via Linear Programming Supp Art, Light travel Linear Programming
99639 The Consumer Price Index: What Does It Mean? (UMAP) 4th ed. Supp Economics, Business, Everyday Life Algebra, Precalculus, Business Mathematics
7707 CD UMAP / ILAP Modules 2007: Tools for Teaching CD-Rom Peri Various Various
99640 Internal Rates of Return (UMAP) Supp Economics Calculus
99641 Cassette Tape Counters (UMAP) Supp Practical experience Algebra, Precalculus
7631 DevMAP Book 1: Student Edition CD-Rom Text Various Various
7632 DevMAP Book 1: Teachers Edition CD-Rom Text Various Various
7634 DevMAP Book 2: Teachers Edition CD-Rom Text Various Various
7633 DevMAP Book 2: Student Edition CD-Rom Text Various Various
DevMAP Chapter 2: Linear Models: Student Edition Text Various Various
DevMAP Chapter 3: Modeling Behavior from Data: Student Edition Text Various Various
DevMAP Chapter 4: Polynomials and Exponents: Student Edition Text Various Various
DevMAP Chapter 5: Quadratic Functions and Radicals: Student Edition Text Various Various
DevMAP Chapter 6: Rational Expressions and Systems of Equations: Student Edition Text Various Various
99649 Continuous Time, Discrete State Space Markov Chains (UMAP) Supp Management Science Probability, Linear Algebra
DevMAP Chapter 7: Probability: Student Edition Text Various Various
DevMAP Chapter 8: Trigonometry: Student Edition Text Various Various
7291 UMAP Journal 29.1 Spring 2008 Edition Peri Various Various
Articles Maximizing Interactions in Class and at Social Mixers Supp Problem Solving, Mathematics Education, Sociology Number Theory, Linear Algebra
Articles Peak-Frequency Responses and Tuned Mass Dampers-Exciting Applications of Systems of Differential Equations Supp Physics, Engineering Optimization, Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations
Articles Reed-Solomon Codes: A Tutorial and a Java Toolbox Supp Astronomy, Music, Computer Programming Abstract Algebra, Computer Science

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