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7382 UMAP Journal 38.2 Summer 2017 Edition - The 2017 ICM Contest Edition Peri Various Various, Modeling
7383 UMAP Journal 38.3 Fall 2017 Edition - The 2017 MCM Contest Edition Peri Various Various
7384 UMAP Journal 38.4 Winter 2017 Edition Peri Various Various, Modeling
7391 UMAP Journal 39.1 Spring 2018 Edition Peri Various Various
7594 UMAP Library CD-ROM (2011 Edition) Supp Various Various
7796 UMAP Modules 1996: Tools for Teaching Peri Various Various
7797 UMAP Modules 1997: Tools for Teaching Peri Various Various
7798 UMAP Modules 1998: Tools for Teaching Peri Various Various
7799 UMAP Modules 1999: Tools for Teaching Peri Various Various
99522 Unconstrained Optimization (UMAP) Supp Gradient searches, optimization Analysis, Calculus 2
Articles Undergraduate - Classroom Experiences in Applies Mathematics Supp Modeling course Applied Mathematics, Modeling
On Jargon Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Combinatorial Games Supp Game Theory Various
99324 A Unified Method for Finding Laplace Transforms, Fourier Transforms, and Fourier Series (UMAP) Supp Other math Algebra
99651 The Unit of Analysis and the Independence of Observations (UMAP) Supp Experimental design, social science Statistics, Probability
On Jargon Universal Language: Role for Mathematics Supp Linguistics, Logic Computer Science
99571 The Use of Continued Fractions in Botany (UMAP) Supp Plant biology Geometry, Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics
99632 The Use of Dimensionless Analysis in Mathematical Modeling (UMAP) Supp Physical sciences and engineering Modeling, Differential Equations
Articles Using Calculus to Analyze Wood in Streams Supp Aquatic Ecologists and Fisheries Managers; Article, Various
99787 Using Fractals to Motivate Linear Algebra (UMAP) Supp Linear algebra, fractals, dynamical systems Linear Algebra
99766 Using Original Sources to Teach the Logistic Equation (UMAP) Supp Mathematical modeling, biology Calculus, Differential Equations
99313 Using Quarternion to Compose Rotations (UMAP) Supp Applications of linear algebra to geometry Geometry, Linear Algebra
99722 Using Real Quaternions to Represent Rotations in 3D (UMAP) Supp Computer science Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Analytic Geometry
Articles Using the Shannon Sampling Theorem to Design Compact Discs (UMAP) Supp Music, engineering Article, Calculus, Trigonometry
Articles The Utility of Recreational Mathematics Supp Fun with Math, Games Various
On Jargon Variational Inequalities: One-Stop Shopping for Optima and Equilibria Supp Traffic flow theory, economics, game theory Applied Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Optimization, Calculus 3, Geometry
ILAP Vehicle Emissions (ILAP) Supp Traffic Engineering Algebra
99210 Viscous Fluid (UMAP) Supp Engineering and physics Calculus
99690 Voting Games, Power Indices, and Presidential Elections (UMAP) Supp Political Science, Voting Theory Modeling, Discrete Mathematics
99241 The Wallis Appoximation of Pi (UMAP) Supp Other mathematics Calculus
Articles Waste Minirnization via Cutting Stock Models Supp Manufacturing Linear Programming
Articles Water Power Supp Energy Various
ILAP Water Purification Supp Water Resources Management, Environmental Engineering Calculus, Differential Equations
On Jargon Wavelets: A New Tool in Applied Mathematics Supp Various Applied Mathematics, Various
99741 Waves and Strong Tides (UMAP) Supp Oceanography Calculus 2, Calculus 3
99610 Whales and Krill: A Mathematical Model (UMAP) Supp Ecology Modeling, Differential Equations
Articles What Do Physics Teachers Want? Supp Physics Various
On Jargon What is Bayesian Statistics and Why Everything Else is Wrong Supp Various Probability, Statistics
On Jargon What is Operations Research? Supp Various Various
Articles Whats the Rate for a Layaway? Supp Finance Percents, Various
Articles What's Up , Moonface? Supp Vectors Calculus
Model Reality Check When Will a Soda Can Balance? Supp Geometric Modeling Geometry
99661 Where are All the Russian and Chinese Missiles Coming From? (UMAP) Supp Military Science Calculus, Linear Algebra
Articles Where Should You Study? Supp Education Modeling
Articles Who Cares About Population Models, Anyway? Supp Population Models Statistics
ILAP Who Falls Through the Healthcare Safety Net? (ILAP) Supp Health Information Management, Business, Ethics, Sociology, Political Science
99484 Why Do Cells Compete? (UMAP) Supp Living systems, Biology, Medicine, and the Enviornment Algebra, Modeling, Probability, Differential Equations
Articles Why Study the History of Mathematics Supp History of Mathematics Various
Articles Why the Player Never Wins in the Long Run at LA Blackjack (UMAP) Supp Game theory, strategy Probability, Article
On Jargon The Will Rogers Effect Supp Medicine, Economics Article, Statistics, Probability
99786 Wind Turbine Power Coefficient Optimization (UMAP) Supp Wind turbine technology; alternative energy sources Calculus

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