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Product # Title Level Type Application Areas Mathematics Areas
DevMAP Chapter 8: Trigonometry: Student Edition Text Various Various
7291 UMAP Journal 29.1 Spring 2008 Edition Peri Various Various
Articles Maximizing Interactions in Class and at Social Mixers Supp Problem Solving, Mathematics Education, Sociology Number Theory, Linear Algebra
Articles Peak-Frequency Responses and Tuned Mass Dampers-Exciting Applications of Systems of Differential Equations Supp Physics, Engineering Optimization, Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations
Articles Reed-Solomon Codes: A Tutorial and a Java Toolbox Supp Astronomy, Music, Computer Programming Abstract Algebra, Computer Science
Articles An Application of Burnside’s Theorem to Music Theory Supp Music Theory Abstract Algebra
On Jargon How to Call a Crank a Crank (and Win If You Get Sued) Supp Law, History of Mathematics Number Theory
MCM/ICM Certificate Download Page Web
The Mathematical Contest in Modeling Web
advisor-edit.html Web

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CD = CD-ROM;     Peri = Periodicals;     Supp = Supplementary Print;     Text = Textbook;     Video = Video and Guides;     Web = Web Page;      = Elementary;      = High School;      = Undergraduate;      = Downloadable PDF File