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Product # Title Level Type Application Areas Mathematics Areas
7234 UMAP Journal 23.4 Winter 2002 Edition Peri Various Various
7241 UMAP Journal 24.1 Spring 2003 Edition Peri Various Various
99789 Liouville’s Theorem in Dynamics (UMAP) Supp Physics and Astronomy Calculus
99783 Game Theory Models of Animal Behavior (UMAP) Supp Biology Number Theory
99784 An Introduction to Portfolio Theory (UMAP) Supp Finance, Mathematical probability, Optimization
7244 UMAP Journal 24.4 Winter 2003 Edition Peri Various Various
99792 The Spread of Forest Fires (UMAP) Supp Biology, Forestry Calculus, Probability
7264 UMAP Journal 26.4 Winter 2005 Edition Peri Various Various
7271 UMAP Journal 27.1 Spring 2006 Edition Peri Various Various
7281 UMAP Journal 28.1 Spring 2007 Edition Peri Various Various
99794 The Mathematics of Medical X-Ray Imaging (UMAP) Supp Medicine Analysis
99793 The Scheduling of Traffic Lights (UMAP) Supp Traffic management Graph Theory, Optimization
ILAP Water Purification Supp Water Resources Management, Environmental Engineering Calculus, Differential Equations

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