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Product # Title Level Type Application Areas Mathematics Areas
Biomath Biomath Evolution by Substitution Supp Biology Various
Biomath Biomath Imperfect Testing Supp Biology Various
Articles Doc, What Are My Chances? Supp Medical Various
Articles A Course in Financial Mathematics Supp Financial Mathematics Various
Articles Minimodule: Converting to a Roth IRA Supp Finance, Economics Various
7648 2012 HiMCM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various
Articles The Farmer Problem Supp Various Various
Articles Minimodule: A Suspended Camera Control System Supp Various Various
Biomath Tomography Supp Biology Various
7654 2013 HiMCM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various
Articles The Binomial Option Pricing Model Supp Mathematical Finance, Economics Various
Articles Actuarial Present Value Supp Actuarial Mathematics Various
Articles Mathematics - In the Park? Supp Puzzle, Mazes Various
On Jargon Adrift in a Sea of Numbers Supp Various Various
Articles The Optimal Can: An Uncanny Approach Supp Optimization Various
Articles The Utility of Recreational Mathematics Supp Fun with Math, Games Various
Model Reality Check Is Cooling Exponential? Supp Physics Various
HiMAP Pull-Out I Think Knot : Modeling with Knots and Links Supp Knot Theory Various
History of Mathematics A General Education Course From Primary Historical Sources Supp History of Mathematics Various
7594 UMAP Library CD-ROM (2011 Edition) Supp Various Various
7600 ILAP Library CD-ROM Supp Various Various
7610 Architecture / Design Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Pre-Calculus Applications to Architecture and Design Various
7611 Business Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Pre-Calculus Applications to Business Various
7612 Environmental Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Calculus applications to environmental issues Various
7613 Medicine Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Calculus Applications to Medicine Various
7608 Social Science I Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Beginning Social and Political Sciences Various
7609 Social Science II Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Intermediate / Advanced social and political sciences Various
7598 Complete Math Pack Collection CD-ROM (All 13 packs on one cd-rom) Supp Various Various
7614 The Modeling Resource CD-Rom Supp Various Various
7615 Election Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Voting Various
7616 TechMAP CD-ROM: Vocational and Technical Applications Supp Test Prep, Standardize Test Preparation Various
4004 Math Trails Supp Various Various
Articles Linear and Circular Models of Graphs Supp Modeling Various, Applied Mathematics
On Jargon The Language of Growth , Enlargement , and Decrease Supp Various Various, Article
Articles A Stable Cup of Coffee Supp Optimization Various, Calculus, Modeling
Articles Modeling - Based Calculus with R / mosaic Supp Software for Calculus Various, Calculus, Modeling, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Statistics
Articles The Stability of Boats, Triangular Configurations: The cos4 Rule Supp Boats Various, Geometry
7639 2010 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various, Modeling
HiMCM Notes Teamwork : A Winning Formula for Math Students Supp Contest Prep Various, Modeling
7644 2012 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various, Modeling
7770 Mathematical Modeling for the MCM / ICM Contests Volume 1 Supp Contest preparation, Professional development Various, Modeling
7666 2015 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various, Modeling
GAIMME Time GAIMME Time: Introducing : Transforming Textbook Word Problems Supp GAIMME Report Various, Modeling
Articles The Effect of Brexit on EU Voting Power Supp Political Science, Game Theory Various, Modeling
Articles Aircraft Longitudinal Oscillations Supp Flight Stability Various, Modeling, Difference Equations
Articles Modeling-First Approach to Teaching Differential Equations Supp Modeling Various, Modeling, Differential Equations
Articles The Mathematical Sorting Hat Supp Optimization Various, Optimization
6651 Fair Game Supp Games, Game Theory Various, Probability, Number Theory
Articles The Mathematics of Refinancing Supp Finance, Economics
Math Today Psychology, Applications to Decision Making Supp Mathematics and Psychology

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