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FREE Course Material A Course in Financial Mathematics

This is a free course in financial mathematics for upper high school and undergraduate students, with emphasis on personal finance. Teachers can make their own selections. Pull-Outs from Consortium are included and have exposition, exercises, side bar notes, references, answers, teachers’ notes, and are usually about six pages. Some of the lessons are articles published in various journals. Some are unpublished. These may have exercises, answers, teacher notes, side bar notes, and references, or they may be added later. This collection contains over sixty lessons. A teacher can simply download and print a PDF, make copies, distribute them to students, and teach the lesson. Articles that may be more advanced or technical than those for this course are listed at the end under “More Advanced and Technical Articles on Financial Mathematics.”

Table of contents
Unit 1: The Basics of Mathematics of Finance
Unit 2: Managing Your Money
Unit 3: Long-Term Financial Planning
Unit 4: Investing in Bonds and Stocks
Unit 5: Investing in Real Estate
Unit 6: Solving Financial Formulas for Interest Rate
Unit 7: Earning Money with Mathematics and Personal Skills
Additional Articles on Financial Mathematics or Related to Personal Finance
More Advanced and Technical Articles on Financial Mathematics

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