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Articles Evacuating an Elementary School Building Supp Evacuation strategies, Scheduling Modeling, Optimization, Discrete Mathematics
7667 Precalculus: Modeling Our World 2nd Edition CD-Rom ( Teacher Edition ) Text Various Modeling, Precalculus
1511 Precalculus: Modeling Our World 2nd Edition Print ( Student Edition ) Text Various Modeling, Precalculus
Articles Cutting Diagnostic Tests by Half Supp Bayesian Differential Diagnosis (BDD) Modeling, Probability
Articles Penney Ante: Counterintuitive Probabilities in Coin Tossing Supp Other areas of mathematic, Mathematics Education Modeling, Probability, Linear Algebra
99813 Data Analysis with Examples from Chemistry Supp Chemistry, Weighted least squares linear regression Modeling, Statistics
99698 Rating Systems for Human Abilities: The Case of Rating Chess Skill (UMAP) Supp Social science and applied statistics Modeling, Statistics, Probability
Articles The Tides They Are A-Changing (UMAP) Supp Geography, topography, geography Modeling, Trigonometry, Elementary Functions, Article
Articles Measuring Cardiac Output: The Refinement of a Mathematical Model Supp Medical Modeling, Various
Articles A UMAP Course Report Supp Various Modeling, Various
Articles A Model for Atmospheric Temperature Supp Various Modeling, Various
On Jargon Databases Supp Computer Science Modeling, Various
7649 2013 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Modeling, Various
7657 2014 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Modeling, Various
Biomath Microarrays : Arrays of Hope (Teacher) Text Biology Modeling, Various
Biomath Habitat : An Organismís Environment (Teacher) Text Biology Modeling, Various
Biomath Food Webs : Community Feeding Relationships (Teacher) Text Biology Modeling, Various
Biomath Ecological Footprint : Whatís My Impact? (Teacher) Text Biology Modeling, Various
Biomath Drawing Lines : Spatial Arrangements of Biological Phenomena (Teacher) Text Biology Modeling, Various
Biomath Mathematical Modeling of Disease Outbreak (Teacher) Text Biology Modeling, Various
Biomath CRIME : Criminal Investigation through Mathematical Examination (Teacher) Text Biology Modeling, Various
Biomath Tomography : Looking Inside With Outside Tools (Teacher) Text Biology Modeling, Various
Biomath Biostatistics in Practice : Using Statistics To Discover Links Between Eating Behaviors And Overweight Children (Teacher) Text Biology Modeling, Various
Biomath DNA Sequencing and Sorting : Identifying Genetic Variations (Teacher) Text Biology Modeling, Various
GAIMME Time GAIMME Time: Assessing Student Modeling Work Supp GAIMME Report Modeling, Various
Articles You Win Some and You Lose Some: Scoring a Two-Team Cross-Country Race Supp Running, Weighted voting Modeling, Various
99783 Game Theory Models of Animal Behavior (UMAP) Supp Biology Number Theory
99633 Two Sieves for Prime Numbers (UMAP) Supp Coding Number Theory
On Jargon How to Call a Crank a Crank (and Win If You Get Sued) Supp Law, History of Mathematics Number Theory
Articles Basic Concepts of Error Correction in Transmission of Binary Data (UMAP) Supp Cryptography Number Theory, Article
Articles Maximizing Fun at a Theme Park (UMAP) Supp Time and cost management Number Theory, Article
99806 Forward and Backward Analyses of Quadratic Equations Supp Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Philosophy, Sciences Number Theory, Computer Science
Articles Pancakes, Graphs, and the Genome (UMAP) Supp Computer science, computer architecture, molecular biology Number Theory, Graph Theory, Article
Articles Modeling the Organization of a Hockey Tournament (UMAP) Supp Scheduling Number Theory, Graph Theory, Modeling, Article
On Jargon The Art of Anonymity: Exploring DC-Nets Supp Cryptography, Communications Number Theory, Graph Theory, Probability
Articles Maximizing Interactions in Class and at Social Mixers Supp Problem Solving, Mathematics Education, Sociology Number Theory, Linear Algebra
Articles Traveling Door to Door with a DNA Computer Supp Molecular Biology, Travel Number Theory, Optimization, Graph Theory, Modeling
Articles Graphing the Berry Patch (UMAP) Supp Game Theory, strategy Number Theory, Probability, Article
Articles Sports Ranking and Twitter Supp Mathematics and Sports , Dynamics of Networks , Data Mining Number Theory, Probability, Statistics
Articles An Integer Programming Approach to Crop Rotation Planning at an Organic Farm Supp Agricultural Operations Research, Applied Mathematics, Modeling
Articles Long-Term vs. Short-Term Strategy in the Game of Monopoly Supp Optimization Optimization, Probability
Articles Optimal Klackers Supp Optimization strategies, Game strategy Optimization, Probability
Articles Pigtail: A Pig Addendum Supp Game design, game strategy Optimization, Probability
Articles Peak-Frequency Responses and Tuned Mass Dampers-Exciting Applications of Systems of Differential Equations Supp Physics, Engineering Optimization, Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations
Articles How to Re-Member ? Supp Optimization of multi-year subscriptions Optimization, Various
Articles Minimodule: Profit in a Mutual Fund Supp Finance, Economics Percents
Articles Minimodule: Buying a House vs. Renting Supp Personal Financial Planning, Finance Percents
Articles Whats the Rate for a Layaway? Supp Finance Percents, Various
99658 Windchill (UMAP) Supp Meteorology Precalculus
99659 The Mathematics of Focusing a Camera (UMAP) Supp Photography Precalculus

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