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Articles Handicapping a Championship Series with Elementary Symmetric Polynomials Supp Sports Probability, Statistics
Articles Winning Streaks, Shutouts, and the Length of the World Series Supp Sports Probability, Statistics
Articles Cutoffs and Thresholds in the Democratic Primaries Supp Election, Voting Probability, Statistics
Articles Some Limitations of Financial Models Supp Financial Probability, Statistics
99394 National Decisions to Enter War (UMAP) Supp Political science, rational choice or utiity theory Probability, Statistics
On Jargon What is Bayesian Statistics and Why Everything Else is Wrong Supp Various Probability, Statistics
Articles The Pythagorean Theorem of Baseball and Alternative Models (UMAP) Supp Sports Analysis Probability, Statistics, Calculus, Article
Articles Mathematics in The Mud Supp Genetics Probability, Various
Articles Frustration solitaire Supp Various Probability, Various
99749 Fuzzy Sets (UMAP) Supp Computer science, engineering Set Theory, Discrete Mathematics
99730 Sharing a Secret (UMAP) Supp Cryptology Set Theory, Number Theory
Math is Everywhere Math is Everywhere Strawberry Statistics Video Agriculture Statistics
Articles Statistical Methods in Sole Source Contract Negotiation Supp Contract Negotiations Statistics
Articles Who Cares About Population Models, Anyway? Supp Population Models Statistics
Articles A Statistical Model for Describing the Response of Diabetic Patients to Insulin Supp Medical therapy Statistics
99683 Two Level Factorial Designs and Yates' Analysis (UMAP) Supp Industrial quality control, educational testing, baseball, and more. Statistics
Articles Mystery of the Orient Supp Various Statistics
On Jargon Big Data and Statistics Problems Supp Data Statistics
8007 Statistics: Decisions Through Data User's Guide Only Video Statistics: Decisions Through Data Statistics
8008 Statistics: Decisions Through Data Student Workbook Video Statistics: Decisions Through Data Statistics
99268 Testing a Hypothesis: T-test for Independent Samples (UMAP) Supp Biology Statistics
8100 Statistics: Hour One : Units 1-6 Basic Data Analysis (DVD) Video Statistics
8200 Statistics: Hour Two: Units 7-10 - Data Analysis For One Variable (DVD) Video Normal Curves - Normal Calculations - Straight-Line Growth - Exponential Growth Statistics
8300 Statistics: Hour Three: Units 11-14 Data Analysis for Two Variables (DVD) Video Statistics
8400 Statistics: Hour Four: Units 15-18 Planning Data Collection (DVD) Video Statistics
8500 Statistics: Hour Five: Units 19-21 Introduction to Inference (DVD) Video Statistics
8000 Statistics: Decisions Through Data Video Series With Student Workbook (CD-ROM) Video Various Statistics
Articles Mathematics and Comfort (UMAP) Supp Design Statistics, Geometry, Article
99704 Exploring Power and Speed in Baseball (UMAP) Supp Baseball Statistics, Linear Algebra
Articles Mathematical Optimization in the Management of Services (UMAP) Supp Service-oriented industries Statistics, Modeling, Calculus, Article
Articles An Epidemiology Model of Devil Facial Tumor Disease in Tasmanian Devils Supp Animal Ecology, Biology Statistics, Modeling, Various
99651 The Unit of Analysis and the Independence of Observations (UMAP) Supp Experimental design, social science Statistics, Probability
99406 Regression Toward the Mean (UMAP) Supp Social sciences Statistics, Probability
99428 Basic Descriptive Statistics (UMAP) Supp Social sciences Statistics, Probability
99327 Nuclear Deterrence (UMAP) Supp International relations Statistics, Probability
99330 Adjusted Rates: The Direct Rate (UMAP) Supp Demography Statistics, Probability
99340 The Poisson Random Process (UMAP) Supp Operations research Statistics, Probability
99377 Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests and Decision Analysis (UMAP) Supp Medicine Statistics, Probability
99391 Conditional Probability and Ambiguous Information (UMAP) Supp Social Sciences Statistics, Probability
99429 An Iterative Approach to Linear Regression (UMAP) Supp For students in a first or second course in statistics. Statistics, Probability
99433 Fitting Equations to Data: Part 1 (UMAP) Supp Data Analysis Statistics, Probability
99443 Approximations in Probability Calculations (UMAP) Supp Social Sciences Statistics, Probability
99456 Genetic Counseling (UMAP) Supp Medicine, genetics Statistics, Probability
99487 Randomization Tests (UMAP) Supp Statistics Statistics, Probability
99533 The Statistical Evaluation of Burn Care (UMAP) Supp Health sciences Statistics, Probability
99771 The Probability that a Queen Sits Beside a King: Juxtapositions and Runs in a Random Permutation (UMAP) Supp Statistics, applied probability, recreational mathematics Statistics, Probability
99555 The t-Test for Independent Samples (UMAP) Supp Political and Social Science Statistics, Probability
99572 Evaluating and Analyzing Probabilistic Forecasts (UMAP) Supp Forecasting Statistics, Probability
99574 Expected Loss in Keno (UMAP) Supp Games of chance Statistics, Probability
7604 Statistics & Probability Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Various Statistics, Probability

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