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99576 Getting in Touch with Touchy Questions (UMAP) Supp Survey research Statistics, Probability
99579 An Application of EDA to the 1980 New York City Marathon (UMAP) Supp Sports Statistics, Probability
99587 Simpson's Paradox (UMAP) Supp Population studies, data analysis Statistics, Probability
99590 Random Numbers (UMAP) Supp Other Math Statistics, Probability
99626 Regression Methods and Problem Banks (UMAP) Supp Management science Statistics, Probability
99629 Examining Data: A General Strategy and One-Sample Methods (UMAP) Supp Practical experience Statistics, Probability
99630 The Q-Q Plot, A Graphical Method for Comparing Two Samples (UMAP) Supp Social sciences Statistics, Probability
99631 Expected Value at Jal Alai and Pari Mutual Gambling (UMAP) Supp Gambling Statistics, Probability
99634 Probability in Contested Election (UMAP) Supp Political science, law Statistics, Probability
ILAP Disaster Relief Modeling (ILAP) Supp Dynamical Systems, Data Analysis Statistics, Probability, Difference Equations
99538 Random Walks and Fluctuations (UMAP) Supp Practical experience Statistics, Probability, Discrete Mathematics
99699 Mortality Discount (UMAP) Supp Actuarial science, insurance Statistics, Probability, Finite Mathematics, Business Mathematics
ILAP Lake Pollution (ILAP) Supp Environmental Engineering Statistics, Probability, Linear Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Difference Equations, Discrete Mathematics, Differential Equations
On Jargon The Curious History of Trigonometry Supp Various Trigonometry
99158 - 99161 Derivatives of Sines and Cosines (UMAP) Supp Other math Trigonometry
Articles The Search for Planets Beyond the Solar System Supp Physics, Astronomy Trigonometry, Calculus
Articles Finding a Hidden Coin Supp Medicine, Cancer Diagnosis Trigonometry, Optimization, Probability, Modeling, Geometry, Calculus, Algebra
7292 UMAP Journal 29.2 Summer 2008 Edition Peri Various Various
DevMAP Chapter 5: Quadratic Functions and Radicals: Instructor Resources Text Various Various
7293 UMAP Journal 29.3 Fall 2008 Edition - The 2008 MCM Contest Edition Peri Various Various
7294 UMAP Journal 29.4 Winter 2008 Edition Peri Various Various
On Jargon SPECT: Mathematical Principles and Historical Remarks Supp Medical Imaging, Physics Various
Articles Always Buy Two (or More)? Supp Various Various
Articles Searching for Text in Vector Space Supp Various Various
Articles The Puzzle No. Crunch (TopSpin)and Word Length in the Symmetric Group Supp Various Various
7708 UMAP / ILAP Modules 2008: Tools for Teaching Peri Various Various
7708 CD UMAP / ILAP Modules 2008: Tools for Teaching CD-Rom Peri Various Various
8585 Math is Everywhere DVD Video Various Various
7301 UMAP Journal 30.1 Spring 2009 Edition Peri Various Various
7637 2009 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various
7303 UMAP Journal 30.3 Fall 2009 Edition - The 2009 MCM Contest Edition Peri Various Various
7304 UMAP Journal 30.4 Winter 2009 Edition Peri Various Various
7709 UMAP / ILAP Modules 2009: Tools for Teaching Peri Various Various
7709 CD UMAP / ILAP Modules 2009: Tools for Teaching CD-Rom Peri Various Various
7311 UMAP Journal 31.1 Spring 2010 Edition Peri Various Various
Articles The Network Television Game: There May Be No Best Schedule Supp Scheduling Various
Articles What Do Physics Teachers Want? Supp Physics Various
Articles Why Study the History of Mathematics Supp History of Mathematics Various
Articles A Mathematicians Guide to the Uses of Mathematics in Ecology Supp Ecology Various
Articles Selecting Optimal Product Sizes Supp Packing Various
Articles The Secret Marriage Supp Economics Various
Articles Stability of Membership in Congress, 1789 Onwards Supp United States Government Various
Articles Calculator Demonstration of Numerical Stability Supp Calculators Various
Articles Gradient Problems in Biology Supp Biology, Differential geometry Various
Articles Polynomial Models of Biological Growth Supp Population modeling Various
Articles A Coordinate Transformation Problem in Air Traffic Control Supp Airtraffic control, Radar system Various
Articles Case Studies in Mathematics Supp Mathematics Education Various
Articles Technical Text Editing Supp Various Various
Articles Telemetry Supp Various Various
Articles Flow System Integrals Supp Medical Various

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