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Product # Title Level Type Application Areas Mathematics Areas
8008 Statistics: Decisions Through Data Student Workbook Video Statistics: Decisions Through Data Statistics
8031 Calculus: Understanding Change User's Guide Video Calculus
8032 Calculus: Understanding Change Student Workbook Video
8036 Discrete Math: Cracking the Code (DVD) Video
8037 Geometry: Hour One - NTNT (DVD) Video Geometry
8038 Geometry: Hour Two - NTNT (DVD) Video Geometry
8039 Calculus: Understanding Change (DVD) Video
8041 Algebra: Language for a Changing World (DVD) Video Common Core State Standards Algebra
8048 Casting Your Ballots: Elections (DVD/CD-ROM Package) Video Voting, Election, Political Various
8049 Casting Your Ballots: Elections II (CD-ROM Package) Video Voting, Election, Political Various
8100 Statistics: Hour One : Units 1-6 Basic Data Analysis (DVD) Video Statistics
8200 Statistics: Hour Two: Units 7-10 - Data Analysis For One Variable (DVD) Video Normal Curves - Normal Calculations - Straight-Line Growth - Exponential Growth Statistics
8300 Statistics: Hour Three: Units 11-14 Data Analysis for Two Variables (DVD) Video Statistics
8400 Statistics: Hour Four: Units 15-18 Planning Data Collection (DVD) Video Statistics
8500 Statistics: Hour Five: Units 19-21 Introduction to Inference (DVD) Video Statistics
8577 For All Practical Purposes: An Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics (DVD) Video Various Various
8585 Math is Everywhere DVD Video Various Various
8586 Discrete Mathematics : Modeling Our World Video DVD Video Discrete Mathematics, Modeling Discrete Mathematics, Various
8600 Statistics: Decisions Through Data Video Series Hours One through Five With User's Guide and Student Workbook (DVD) Video Various Various
80492 Elections I & II DVD/CD-ROM Package Video Voting, Election, Political Probability
99060 - 99062 Distribution of Resources (UMAP) Supp Economics Calculus
99067 Modeling the Nervous System: Reaction Time and the Central Nervous System (UMAP) Supp Biology Calculus
99068 Population Growth and the Logistic Curve (UMAP) Supp Biology Calculus
99069 The Digestive Process of Sheep (UMAP) Supp Biology, animal science Calculus
99070 Selection in Genetics (UMAP) Supp Biology and genetics Calculus
99071 Measuring Cardiac Output (UMAP) Supp Medicine Calculus
99072 Prescribing Safe and Effective Dosage (UMAP) Supp Medicine Calculus
99073 Epidemics (UMAP) Supp Medicine Calculus
99074 Tracer Methods in Permeability (UMAP) Supp Medicine Calculus
99074 Translation Tracer Methods in Permeability (Portuguese) (UMAP) Supp Medicine Calculus
99075 Feldman's Model (UMAP) Supp Economics Calculus
99081 - 99083 Graphical and Numerical Solution of Differential Equations (UMAP) Supp Engineering and physics Differential Equations, Geometry
99084 Recognition of Problems Solved by Exponential Functions (UMAP) Supp Biological, behavioral and social sciences Calculus, Elementary Functions
99085 Exponential Growth and Decay (UMAP) Supp Physics, behavioral and social sciences Calculus, Elementary Functions
99086 Development of the Function y=Ae^cx (UMAP) Supp Other math Calculus
99087 Numerical Approximations to y=e^x (UMAP) Supp Other math Calculus
99088 How to Solve Problems Involving Exponential Functions (UMAP) Supp Physics, biological, behavioral, and social sciences Calculus
99105 & 99109 Food Service Management and Applications of Matrix Methods: Food Service and Dietary Requirements (UMAP) Supp Health Sciences Algebra, Linear Algebra
99106 & 99110 Computer Graphics and Applications of Matrix Methods: Three Dimensional Computer Graphics and Projections (UMAP) Supp Computer Graphics Linear Algebra
99107 & 99111 Markov Chains and Applications of Matrix Methods: Fixed Point and Absorbing Markov Chains (UMAP) Supp Operations research Linear Algebra
99108 & 99112 Electrical Circuits and Applications of Matrix Methods: Analysis of Linear Circuits (UMAP) Supp Computer Science Analysis, Linear Algebra
99158 - 99161 Derivatives of Sines and Cosines (UMAP) Supp Other math Trigonometry
99162 Determining Constants of Integration (UMAP) Supp Physics Modeling, Calculus 1
99203 - 99205 Integration: Getting It All Together (UMAP) Supp Other math Calculus
99206 Mercator's World Map and the Calculus (UMAP) Supp Geography, topography Calculus
99207 Management of a Buffalo Herd (UMAP) Supp Agriculture, behavioral and social sciences, ecology Linear Algebra
99208 Economic Equilibrium: Simple Linear Models (UMAP) Supp Economics Linear Algebra
99209 General Equilibrium: A Leontief Economic Model (UMAP) Supp Economics Linear Algebra
99210 Viscous Fluid (UMAP) Supp Engineering and physics Calculus
99211 The Human Cough (UMAP) Supp Physics, biology and medicine Calculus

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