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7183 UMAP Journal 18.3, Fall 1997 - The 1997 MCM Contest Edition Peri Various Various
7797 UMAP Modules 1997: Tools for Teaching Peri Various Various
99554 Differential Equations and Root Cellars (UMAP) Supp Physics, building construction Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations
7796 UMAP Modules 1996: Tools for Teaching Peri Various Various
7182 UMAP Journal 18.2, Summer 1997 Peri Various Various
7173 UMAP Journal 17.3, Fall 1996 - The 1996 MCM Contest Edition Peri Various Various
7172 UMAP Journal 17.2, Summer 1996 Peri Various Various
7171 UMAP Journal 17.1, Spring 1996 Peri Various Various
7184 UMAP Journal 18.4, Winter 1997 Peri Various Various
7164 UMAP Journal 16.4, Winter 1995 Peri Various Various
99555 The t-Test for Independent Samples (UMAP) Supp Political and Social Science Statistics, Probability
7174 UMAP Journal 17.4, Winter 1996 Peri Various Various
7201 UMAP Journal 20.1, Spring 1999 Peri Various Various
7202 UMAP Journal 20.2, Summer 1999 Peri Various Various
7203 UMAP Journal 20.3, Fall 1999 - The 1999 MCM Contest Edition Peri Various Various
99557 One-Sided Operators in Rings (UMAP) Supp Other math Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra
7204 UMAP Journal 20.4, Winter 1999 Peri Various Various
7211 UMAP Journal 21.1, Spring 2000 Peri Various Various
ILAP Lake Pollution (ILAP) Supp Environmental Engineering Statistics, Probability, Linear Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Difference Equations, Discrete Mathematics, Differential Equations
ILAP Car Financing (ILAP) Supp Economics, Finance, Business Finite Mathematics, Difference Equations, Discrete Mathematics, Discrete Dynamical Systems
ILAP The Electronic Power Supply (ILAP) Supp Electronics Engineering Technology Algebra, Precalculus
ILAP Going into Orbit - Launching the Shuttle (ILAP) Supp Mathematics, Physics, and Aerospace Engineering Applied Mathematics
99558 Passive Solar Heating (UMAP) Supp Architecture, engineering Linear Algebra
ILAP Keeping the Drinking Water Supply Safe (ILAP) Supp Engineering Calculus, Linear Algebra, Applied Mathematics
ILAP The Shuttle Problem (ILAP) Supp Physics Calculus, Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations
ILAP Red and Blue Laser CDs: How Much Data Can They Hold? (ILAP) Supp Laser Disc Technology, Physics Applied Mathematics
7212 UMAP Journal 21.2, Summer 2000 Peri Various Various
7213 UMAP Journal 21.3, Fall 2000 - The 2000 MCM Contest Edition Peri Various Various
7214 UMAP Journal 21.4 Winter 2000 Peri Various Various
99560 Some Card Tricks: Algebra in Disguise (UMAP) Supp Recreational mathematics Algebra, Precalculus, Number Theory
99562 Finding the Shortest Distance on the Earth's Surface from Here to Timbuktu (UMAP) Supp Geography Geometry, Precalculus, Trigonometry
99564 Keeping Dimensions Straight (UMAP) Supp General Algebra, Precalculus
99300 Public Support for Presidents II (UMAP) Supp American Politics Calculus
99299 Public Support for Presidents I (UMAP) Supp American politics Calculus
99753 Computed Tomography in Multivariable Calculus (UMAP) Supp Medicine, imaging Calculus 3
99775 The Resilience of Grassland Ecosystems (UMAP) Supp Biology, ecology Differential Equations
99565 Layout Design and Sheet Metal Fabrication (UMAP) Supp Industrial processes Calculus
99776 Small Mammal Dispersion (UMAP) Supp Biology, ecology Differential Equations
99777 Population Models in Biology and Demography (UMAP) Supp Demography, Biology Calculus
99779 Multiple Reduction Copy Machines and Fractals (UMAP) Supp Mathematics Precalculus, Linear Algebra
99780 Applications of Sequences and Limits in Calculus (UMAP) Supp Chemistry, finance Analysis, Calculus, Precalculus
99774 Elliptic Integrals and Elliptic Functions in Calculus Beyond (UMAP) Supp Engineering and physics Calculus
99773 Trigonometry Requires Calculus, Not Vice Versa (UMAP) Supp All applications of measures of angles and trigonometry Calculus
99755 Desiging a Model of a Platform Crane (UMAP) Supp Engineering mechanics and design Algebra, Trigonometry
99752 Fuzzy Relations (UMAP) Supp Computer science, engineering, linguistics Analysis, Set Theory, Discrete Mathematics
99566 A Mathematical Model of a Universal Joint (UMAP) Supp Engineering Calculus, Trigonometry
7221 UMAP Journal 22.1 Spring 2001 Edition Peri Various Various
99386 An Application of Voting Theory to Congress (UMAP) Supp American politics, voting theory Applied Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics
7222 UMAP Journal 22.2 Summer 2001 Edition Peri Various Various
99782 Insolation (UMAP) Supp Earth science, solar engineering, and architecture students. Calculus

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