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Product # Title Level Type Application Areas Mathematics Areas
ResourceMAP ResourceMAP - Volume - Teacher Edition Supp Volume, Area, Proportional reasoning Geometry
7615 Election Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Voting Various
80492 Elections I & II DVD/CD-ROM Package Video Voting, Election, Political Probability
8048 Casting Your Ballots: Elections (DVD/CD-ROM Package) Video Voting, Election, Political Various
8049 Casting Your Ballots: Elections II (CD-ROM Package) Video Voting, Election, Political Various
ILAP Water Purification Supp Water Resources Management, Environmental Engineering Calculus, Differential Equations
Articles Searching the Web with Eigenvectors (UMAP) Supp Web design, ranking Article, Linear Algebra
99660 Applications of High School Mathematics in Geometrical Probability (UMAP) Supp Wide variety of fields. Algebra, Geometry
99786 Wind Turbine Power Coefficient Optimization (UMAP) Supp Wind turbine technology; alternative energy sources Calculus
99703 Finding Vintage Concentrations in a Sherry Solera (UMAP) Supp Wine-making Calculus, Modeling
99684 Linear Programming Via Elementary Matrices (UMAP) Supp Linear Algebra
1512 College Algebra : Modeling Our World NEW 1st Edition 2018 Print ( Student Edition ) Text Algebra, Abstract Algebra
8031 Calculus: Understanding Change User's Guide Video Calculus
8032 Calculus: Understanding Change Student Workbook Video
8100 Statistics: Hour One : Units 1-6 Basic Data Analysis (DVD) Video Statistics
8300 Statistics: Hour Three: Units 11-14 Data Analysis for Two Variables (DVD) Video Statistics
8400 Statistics: Hour Four: Units 15-18 Planning Data Collection (DVD) Video Statistics
8500 Statistics: Hour Five: Units 19-21 Introduction to Inference (DVD) Video Statistics
8037 Geometry: Hour One - NTNT (DVD) Video Geometry
8038 Geometry: Hour Two - NTNT (DVD) Video Geometry
8036 Discrete Math: Cracking the Code (DVD) Video
8039 Calculus: Understanding Change (DVD) Video
Articles “Get Me to the Church on Time—Well, Mostly, Anyway” (UMAP) Supp Article, Statistics, Probability
Articles Mathematical Developments in 1994 (UMAP) Supp Article
Articles Mathematical Developments in 1995 (UMAP) Supp Article
Articles Mathematical Developments in 1996 (UMAP) Supp Article
Articles Mathematical Developments in 1997 (UMAP) Supp Article
Articles Mathematical Developments in 1998 (UMAP) Supp Article
MCM/ICM Certificate Download Page Web
WRONG-advisor.html Web
The Mathematical Contest in Modeling Web

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