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Product # Title Level Type Application Areas Mathematics Areas
Articles The Calculus of Leaves: A Modeling Project for a Calculus Class Supp Various Modeling, Calculus
Articles The Mathematics Clinic: A Review of Its First Decade Supp Education Applied Mathematics
Articles Tennis , Golf , and Loose Gravel: Insight from Easy Mathematical Models Supp Sports Modeling
99671 Finite - State Machines as Recognizers (UMAP) Supp Computer science Discrete Mathematics
Articles The Principal Axis Theorem Supp Principal Axis Theorem Algebra
Articles Odds , Wagers , and the Horses Supp Gambling Probability
Articles The Standup Conic Presents: The Ellipse and Applications Supp Conic sections Various
Articles Constructing Power Lines Supp Construction Various
Articles Fever Supp Biology, Health sciences Calculus
Articles A One Year Course in Mathematical Model Building Supp Education Applied Mathematics, Modeling
Articles Superior Beings , Their Powers , and the Problem of Evil: Can this be Mathematics? Supp Religion Various
Articles A Case for Mathematical Modeling Supp Mathematical Modeling Modeling
Articles Some Applications of L'Hopital's Rule in Differential Equations Supp Various Difference Equations, Calculus
Articles Contrariness: A First Step in Applying Mathematics Supp Problem Solving Applied Mathematics
99672 Matrix Multiplication and DC Ladder Circuits (UMAP) Supp Physics (electricity) Algebra, Linear Algebra
Articles One Musician's Use of Combinations and Permutations Supp Musician Various
Articles The Fibonacci Sequence Supp Fibonacci number theory Various
Articles Path Detection Supp Various Various
Articles The Standup Conic Presents: The Hyperbola and Applications Supp Conic sections Various
Articles The Minor Means Supp Education Various
Articles A Statistical Model for Describing the Response of Diabetic Patients to Insulin Supp Medical therapy Statistics
Articles Modelling River Flow Supp Various Various
Articles The Surgical Correction of Astigmatism Supp Medical Various
Articles A Beginning Calculus Project Supp Mini-College Calculus
Articles Hercules Height Supp Pythagoras Various
99673 Partial Payments in Loans and Savings (UMAP) Supp Business, consumer mathematics Algebra
Articles Huffman Codes and Data Compression Supp Coding Various
Articles Water Power Supp Energy Various
Articles Bowling and Mathematics Supp Sports Various
Articles Calculus: An Infinitesimal Model for Teaching Supp Teaching Calculus
Articles Implementation of A Hidden Line Remover Supp Various Various
Articles Population Growth,Tree Diagrams and Infinite Series Supp Population Various
Articles International Standard Book Numbers Supp Publishing Various
Articles What's Up , Moonface? Supp Vectors Calculus
Articles Case Studies in Lower-Division Mathematics: A Bibliography and Related Teaching Issues Supp Academic Various
Articles Dynamics: Throwing Javelin, Putting the Shot Supp Sports Geometry, Various
99674 Price Elasticity of Demand: Gambling, Heroin, Marijuana, Whiskey, Prostitution, and Fish (UMAP) Supp Economics and Public policy Calculus
Articles Models for Social Networks: Mathematics in Anthropology and Sociology Supp Anthropology and Sociology Various
Articles The Karmarkar Algorithm: New Issues in the Computational Complexity of Linear Programming Supp Linear programming Various
Articles A Combinatorial Application of Linear Algebra Supp Various Linear Algebra
Articles Personal Decisions / Medical Decisions: Consider the Analytic Hierarchy Process Supp Decision making Various
Articles Some Transcendental Results Concerning Air Resistance Supp Various Various
Articles Bertrand's Paradox Supp Various Various
Articles The Dimensions of Window Glass for a Trapezoidal Opening Supp Construction Geometry, Various
Articles Aggregate Demand and Supply-side Economics Supp Economics Various
Articles The Power of Incumbency Supp Various Probability, Modeling
Articles The Zip Code Bar Code Supp Coding Various
99675 The Lotka-Volterra Predator-Prey Model (UMAP) Supp Biology Precalculus
Articles Equilibrium Populations in Singles Bars Supp Various Various
Articles Simpson's Rule for Double Integrals Supp Trapezoid rule Calculus

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