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99676 Compartment Models in Biology (UMAP) Supp Biology and biochemistry Differential Equations
Articles Accelerated Life Testing Supp Various Various
Articles Practitioner's Commentary : Emergency Evacuation Supp Various Various
Articles Evacuating an Elementary School Building Supp Various Various
Articles The Highway Slope Problem Supp Construction Various
Articles An Application of the Classical Lot-Size Formula Supp Inventory, Economics Various
Articles Attacking the Spruce Budworm Supp Biology Various
Articles The Euler Number and Computer Vision Supp Various Various
Articles Analysis of Supermarket Checkouts Supp Various Various
Articles Handicapping a Championship Series with Elementary Symmetric Polynomials Supp Sports Probability, Statistics
Articles Winning Streaks, Shutouts, and the Length of the World Series Supp Sports Probability, Statistics
99677 Funding Pension Benefits: The Individual Spread Gain Method (UMAP) Supp Finance, insurance, actuarial science Precalculus, Business Mathematics
Articles Cutting a Counter Supp Construction Linear Algebra, Trigonometry
Articles Insurance Policies with Deductibles Supp Health Care Various
Articles Common Wisdom, Logarithmic Differentiation, and Compound Interest Supp Differentiate functions Various
Articles Waste Minirnization via Cutting Stock Models Supp Manufacturing Linear Programming
Articles Distribution of Dopamine in the Brain Supp Medical Various
Articles Error Detecting Schemes Using Dihedral Groups Supp Various Various
Articles Spherical Geometry in Medical Imaging Supp Medical Geometry
Articles Racquetball as a Stochastic Process Supp Sports Various
Articles Commentary on Spherical Geometry in Medical Imaging Supp Medical Various
Articles Finding Best Approximate Circle Supp Various Modeling
99678 Graphic Differentiation Clarifies Helath Care Pricing (UMAP) Supp Economics Calculus, Precalculus
Articles The Wright Stuff Supp Various Various
Articles Braess's Paradox: A Puzzler from Applied Network Analysis Supp Traffic flow Various
Articles Mathematical Develovments in 1991 Supp Various Various
Articles Estimating Unreported Losses Supp Finance, Economics Various
Articles Mr. Markov Plays Chutes and Ladders Supp Various Various
Articles A Tour of Graphical Typesetting on the Macintosh Supp Computer Science Various
Articles Optimal Blackjack Strategy with 'Lucky Bucks Supp Gambling Probability
Articles Mathematical Developments in 1992 Supp Various Various
Articles Timing the Blind Watchmaker: Comments on an Evolution Model of Richard Dawkins Supp Various Various
Articles Municipal Recycling: Location and Optimality Supp Environmental Various
99679 The Solar Concentrating Properties of a Conical Reflector (UMAP) Supp Solar energy optics, physics, environment Calculus, Geometry
Articles Commentary on Rotations in 3-Space Supp Various Various
Articles Tank Calibration: Practical Examples in Approximation Techniques Supp Computational mathematics Various
Articles Professors' Commentary: The Politics of Course Time Slots Supp Scheduling Various
Articles The Dynamical Systems Health Center: A Mathematical Model of a Diet and Exercise Program Supp Fitness Various
Articles Practitioner's Commentary: Diet Models Supp Diet Various
Articles A Case Study in Scheduling Courses Supp Scheduling Various
Articles The Solow Model of Economic Growth Supp Minimodule Various
Articles Practitioner's Commentary: Card Shuffling Supp Gambling Probability
Articles Mathematical Developments in 1993 Supp Various Various
Articles Chase Problems Supp Minimodule Various
99681 Simple Mortality Functions (UMAP) Supp Mortality studies, actuarial science Applied Mathematics
Articles How Many Times Should You Shuffle a Deck of Cards? Supp Gambling Probability
Articles The Combinatorics of Mancala-Type Games: Ayo, Tchoukaillon, and l/Pie Supp Game Theory Various
Articles Realistic Calculus Optimization Supp Minimodule Modeling, Calculus
Articles Optimal Klappenspiel Supp Game Theory Probability
Articles Frustration solitaire Supp Various Probability, Various

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