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HiMAP Pull-Out Animation Supp Animation Linear Algebra
5604 Symmetry, Rigid Motion, and Patterns (HiMAP) Supp Anthropology, design Geometry
5621 Drawing Pictures With One Line (HiMAP) Supp Anthropology, medicine Geometry
HiMAP Pull-Out Rate Paradoxes Supp Arithmetic Average, Calculators Calculus, Statistics
HiMAP Pull-Out Geometry and Perspective Drawing Supp Art Geometry
HiMAP Pull-Out The Wandering Sunset Supp Astronomy and Physics Trigonometry, Geometry
HiMAP Pull-Out The Rise and Fall of the Individual Batting Average Supp Baseball Discrete Mathematics, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Biostatistics in Practice: Discovering Links Between Eating Behaviors and Overweight Children Supp Biology Various, Modeling, Statistics
HiMAP Pull-Out Mathematical Modeling and Dynamical Systems Supp Biology, environmetnal science Calculus, Modeling
5614 Decision Making & Math Models (HiMAP) Supp Business Linear Programming
5618 Codes Galore (HiMAP) Supp Business Discrete Mathematics
HiMAP Pull-Out Mind Your Own Business Supp Business Modeling, Various
HiMAP Pull-Out The Mathematics of Bond Pricing and Interest Rate Risk Supp Business Business Mathematics
5615 A Uniform Approach to Rate and Ratio Problems (HiMAP) Supp Business, Finance Algebra, Percents, Trigonometry
HiMAP Pull-Out Mathematics and the Stock Market Supp Business, finance, economics Business Mathematics
5620 Optimality Pays: An Introduction to Linear Programming (HiMAP) Supp Business, industry Precalculus, Linear Programming
5613 The Mathematician's Coloring Book (HiMAP) Supp Cartography, design Geometry, Graph Theory
HiMAP Pull-Out Latitude and Longitude Supp Cartography, navigation, engineering Trigonometry, Geometry
5616 Explore Sorts (HiMAP) Supp Computer Science Statistics, Computer Science
5602 Recurrence Relations - 'Counting Backwards' (HiMAP) Supp Computer Science Difference Equations
HiMAP Pull-Out Geometry and Roof Framing Supp Construction, architecture Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra
5605 Using Percent (HiMAP) Supp Consumer issues Percents
HiMAP Pull-Out Speedometer and Odometer Accuracy Supp Conversions, Auto Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, Modeling, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Secret Codes Supp Cryptology Algebra, Linear Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Secret Codes Supp Cryptology Algebra
5611 Applications of Geometrical Probability (HiMAP) Supp Design Geometry, Probability
HiMAP Pull-Out Testing for Steroid Use: When Can You Save Money by Pooling Samples? Supp Drug tests, blood tests Probability, Percents, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out A Mathematical Model of a National Economy Supp Economics Applied Mathematics, Modeling
5612 Spheres and Satellites (HiMAP) Supp Engineering, design Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry
HiMAP Pull-Out Eco-Powered Programs: Linear Programming in Environmental Issues Supp Environmental and earth sciences Linear Programming
HiMAP Pull-Out Modeling with Graphs Supp Eulerís circuit theorem Graph Theory
HiMAP Pull-Out Taking the Long View of Life Supp Finance Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory
HiMAP Pull-Out Fishing for Food and Profit Supp Finance Various, Calculus, Percents
HiMAP Pull-Out Iteration and Chaotic Dynamics Supp Finance Elementary Functions, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Does T.M. Need a Roth? Supp Finance Business Mathematics, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Buying a Car, Now or Later Supp Finance Business Mathematics, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Comparing Taxed, Tax-Deferred, and Tax-Sheltered Investments Supp Finance Business Mathematics
HiMAP Pull-Out Mortality and Money Supp Finance Algebra, Probability
HiMAP Pull-Out Tim & Tom's Financial Adventure Supp Finance Business Mathematics
HiMAP Pull-Out Time, Money, & Polynomials Supp Finance Business Mathematics, Percents, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Making Money With Algebra Supp Finance Business Mathematics, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Examining a Lifetime of Automobile Purchase Expenses Supp Finance Business Mathematics, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Apples, Oranges, and Interest Rates Supp Finance Business Mathematics, Percents, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out The Utility of Insurance Supp Finance, economics Elementary Functions, Algebra
5617 The Abacus: Its History and Applications (HiMAP) Supp Finance, history Discrete Mathematics
HiMAP Pull-Out Car Loans Supp Finance, loans Algebra, Percents, Business Mathematics
HiMAP Pull-Out The Long View Calculating What You'll Need in Order to Retire Supp Finance, Retirement plans Business Mathematics, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Card Shuffling, Card Tricks, and Mathematics Supp Gambling Number Theory
HiMAP Pull-Out Genetics and a Mathematically Indefensible Historical Moment Supp Genetics Algebra, Modeling, Probability
HiMAP Pull-Out Modeling with Fractals Supp Geometric Sequences Geometry

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