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Product # Title Level Type Application Areas Mathematics Areas
5601 The Mathematical Theory of Elections (HiMAP) Supp Political Science, Voting Theory Article, Algebra, Finite Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics
5610 A Mathematical Look at the Calendar (HiMAP) Supp History Algebra, Number Theory
5612 Spheres and Satellites (HiMAP) Supp Engineering, design Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry
5613 The Mathematician's Coloring Book (HiMAP) Supp Cartography, design Geometry, Graph Theory
5614 Decision Making & Math Models (HiMAP) Supp Business Linear Programming
5615 A Uniform Approach to Rate and Ratio Problems (HiMAP) Supp Business, Finance Algebra, Percents, Trigonometry
5616 Explore Sorts (HiMAP) Supp Computer Science Statistics, Computer Science
5617 The Abacus: Its History and Applications (HiMAP) Supp Finance, history Discrete Mathematics
5618 Codes Galore (HiMAP) Supp Business Discrete Mathematics
5619 Fair Voting - Weighted Votes for Unequal Constituencies (HiMAP) Supp History, Political Science, Voting Theory Algebra, Discrete Mathematics
5620 Optimality Pays: An Introduction to Linear Programming (HiMAP) Supp Business, industry Precalculus, Linear Programming
5602 Recurrence Relations - 'Counting Backwards' (HiMAP) Supp Computer Science Difference Equations
5603 The Mathematics of Conflict (HiMAP) Supp Negotiation, history Discrete Mathematics
5611 Applications of Geometrical Probability (HiMAP) Supp Design Geometry, Probability
5621 Drawing Pictures With One Line (HiMAP) Supp Anthropology, medicine Geometry
5622 Loads of Codes (HiMAP) Supp History, computer science Discrete Mathematics
5604 Symmetry, Rigid Motion, and Patterns (HiMAP) Supp Anthropology, design Geometry
5605 Using Percent (HiMAP) Supp Consumer issues Percents
7593 HiMAP Library CD-ROM Supp Various Various
5606 Problem Solving Using Graphs (HiMAP) Supp Problem solving, business Graph Theory
5607 Student Generations (HiMAP) Supp Management Algebra
5608 The Apportionment Problem: The Search for the Perfect Democracy (HiMAP) Supp Political Science, Voting Theory Discrete Mathematics
5609 Fair Divisions: Getting Your Fair Share (HiMAP) Supp Political Science, Law, Negotiation Divisions
HiMAP Pull-Out It Does Matter How You Slice It Supp Various Various, Statistics
HiMAP Pull-Out House Calls Supp Housing Probability, Modeling
HiMAP Pull-Out Mind Your Own Business Supp Business Modeling, Various
HiMAP Pull-Out Modeling Images Supp Various Various
HiMAP Pull-Out Modeling the Kempís Ridley Sea Turtle Population Supp Various Various
HiMAP Pull-Out Applying Complex Numbers to Alternating Current (AC) Circuits Supp Various
HiMAP Pull-Out Networks Supp Matrix Operations Graph Theory
HiMAP Pull-Out Daylight In the Northern Hemisphere Supp Various Various
HiMAP Pull-Out Mission Possible : Curiosityís Flight to Mars Supp Science, Space, Mars Various
HiMAP Pull-Out Rate Paradoxes Supp Arithmetic Average, Calculators Calculus, Statistics
HiMAP Pull-Out Table the Discussion Supp Tables and Survey Questions Percents
HiMAP Pull-Out Investment Choices Supp Investment, Finance Percents, Statistics
HiMAP Pull-Out Modeling with Matrices Supp Matrices Various, Modeling
HiMAP Pull-Out Modeling with Sequences Supp Sequences Percents
HiMAP Pull-Out Modeling with Graphs Supp Eulerís circuit theorem Graph Theory
HiMAP Pull-Out Biostatistics in Practice: Discovering Links Between Eating Behaviors and Overweight Children Supp Biology Various, Modeling, Statistics
HiMAP Pull-Out Modeling with Fractals Supp Geometric Sequences Geometry
HiMAP Pull-Out I Think Knot : Modeling with Knots and Links Supp Knot Theory Various
HiMAP Pull-Out Deal or No Deal? Expected Value, Utility Theory, and the Role of the Banker Supp Various Probability
HiMAP Pull-Out Once in a Blue Moon Supp Inverse Functions Various, Modeling
HiMAP Pull-Out Classification Using CART Models Supp Structure, tree diagram, averages Percents, Probability
HiMAP Pull-Out Want a Workout? Burning Calories Supp Nutrition Algebra, Elementary Functions
HiMAP Pull-Out Gridville Supp Urban planning, Civil engineering Various, Algebra, Linear Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Racing to War Supp Political science, War strategy Algebra, Modeling
HiMAP Pull-Out Animation Supp Animation Linear Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Supp Nutrition Elementary Functions, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Secret Codes Supp Cryptology Algebra, Linear Algebra

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