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Product # Title Level Type Application Areas Mathematics Areas
HiMCM Notes Teamwork : A Winning Formula for Math Students Supp Contest Prep Various, Modeling
6651 Fair Game Supp Games, Game Theory Various, Probability, Number Theory
6652 Play It Again Sam Supp Modeling Computer Science
7648 2012 HiMCM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various
7654 2013 HiMCM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various
ResourceMAP ResourceMAP - Volume - Student Edition Supp Volume, Area, Proportional reasoning Geometry
ResourceMAP ResourceMAP - Volume - Teacher Edition Supp Volume, Area, Proportional reasoning Geometry
GAIMME Time GAIMME Time: Introducing : Transforming Textbook Word Problems Supp GAIMME Report Various, Modeling
Math Today Trees Built for Biologists Supp Biology Computer Science, Statistics, Modeling
HiMCM Notes The Math Inquiry Workshop as a Preparation for the HiMCM Supp Contest Modeling
HiMAP Pull-Out I Think Knot : Modeling with Knots and Links Supp Knot Theory Various
GAIMME Time GAIMME Time: Assessing Student Modeling Work Supp GAIMME Report Modeling, Various
HiMAP Pull-Out Deal or No Deal? Expected Value, Utility Theory, and the Role of the Banker Supp Various Probability
Student Research Corner Drawings of Number Sequences Supp Graph Theory Graph Theory
Math Today Psychology, Applications to Decision Making Supp Mathematics and Psychology
History of Mathematics A General Education Course From Primary Historical Sources Supp History of Mathematics Various
Henrys Notes A Mathematical Investigation Motivated By a Question About Baseball Supp Various Modeling
7601 Calculus Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Various Calculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3
7602 Algebra Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Various Algebra, Abstract Algebra
7603 Precalculus Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Various Precalculus
7604 Statistics & Probability Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Various Statistics, Probability
7605 Discrete Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Various Discrete Mathematics
7606 Geometry Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Various Geometry
7607 Linear Algebra Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Various Linear Algebra
7610 Architecture / Design Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Pre-Calculus Applications to Architecture and Design Various
7611 Business Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Pre-Calculus Applications to Business Various
7612 Environmental Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Calculus applications to environmental issues Various
7613 Medicine Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Calculus Applications to Medicine Various
7608 Social Science I Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Beginning Social and Political Sciences Various
7609 Social Science II Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Intermediate / Advanced social and political sciences Various
7598 Complete Math Pack Collection CD-ROM (All 13 packs on one cd-rom) Supp Various Various
7615 Election Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Voting Various
7616 TechMAP CD-ROM: Vocational and Technical Applications Supp Test Prep, Standardize Test Preparation Various
4004 Math Trails Supp Various Various
99651 The Unit of Analysis and the Independence of Observations (UMAP) Supp Experimental design, social science Statistics, Probability
On Jargon Universal Language: Role for Mathematics Supp Linguistics, Logic Computer Science
99652 Spacecraft Attitude, Rotations and Quaternions (UMAP) Supp Physics (Space Flight), Astrophysics Linear Algebra
On Jargon SPECT: Mathematical Principles and Historical Remarks Supp Medical Imaging, Physics Various
Articles Always Buy Two (or More)? Supp Various Various
Articles Searching for Text in Vector Space Supp Various Various
Articles The Puzzle No. Crunch (TopSpin)and Word Length in the Symmetric Group Supp Various Various
99653 The Ricker Salmon Model (UMAP) Supp Ecology Differential Equations
99799 Wireless Signal Processing Supp Analog and digital wireless signal processing Analysis, Statistics, Probability, Graph Theory
7637 2009 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various
99795 Option Pricing Using Arbitrage and Stochastic Calculus Supp Finance Geometry, Differential Equations, Calculus
Articles How to Re-Member ? Supp Optimization of multi-year subscriptions Optimization, Various
99657 Controlling the Effects of Interruptions (UMAP) Supp Scheduling Discrete Mathematics
On Jargon Ptolemy to Fourier: Epicycles Supp Explorations Analysis, Various
99658 Windchill (UMAP) Supp Meteorology Precalculus
On Jargon The Lost Art of Nomography Supp Various Geometry

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