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On Jargon 2 + 2 = 5 Supp Various Various
7637 2009 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various
7639 2010 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various, Modeling
7641 2011 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various
7648 2012 HiMCM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various
7644 2012 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various, Modeling
7654 2013 HiMCM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various
7649 2013 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Modeling, Various
7657 2014 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Modeling, Various
7666 2015 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various, Modeling
On Jargon 21st-Century Problems Supp Problem Solving Modeling
99569 3 x 3 Rotation Matrices in Air Traffic Control (UMAP) Supp Air traffic control Linear Algebra
99717 3D Graphics in Calculus (UMAP) Supp Engineering and physics, 3-D graphics Calculus 3, Linear Algebra
Articles Absorbing Markov Chains and the Number of Games in a World Series Supp Markov chains Various
Articles Accelerated Life Testing Supp Various Various
Articles Actuarial Present Value Supp Actuarial Mathematics Various
On Jargon Adaptive Methods Supp Various Various
99668 Adders and Their Design (UMAP) Supp Computer Design Precalculus, Abstract Algebra
99330 Adjusted Rates: The Direct Rate (UMAP) Supp Demography Statistics, Probability
On Jargon Adrift in a Sea of Numbers Supp Various Various
Articles Aggregate Demand and Supply-side Economics Supp Economics Various
Articles Aircraft Longitudinal Oscillations Supp Flight Stability Various, Modeling, Difference Equations
99231 The Alexander Horned Sphere (UMAP) Supp Introductory Topology Geometry
7602 Algebra Math Pack CD-ROM Supp Various Algebra, Abstract Algebra
On Jargon Algebraic Geometry in CAD / CAM: The Role of 19th Century Mathematics in Geometric Modeling Supp Geometric Modeling Analytic Geometry, Modeling, Geometry
99264 Algorithms for Finding Zeros of Functions (UMAP) Supp Computer science Analysis, Calculus
Articles Always Buy Two (or More)? Supp Various Various
Articles Analysis of Supermarket Checkouts Supp Various Various
99617 Analysis of the Vibrating Spring Using the Complex Method (UMAP) Supp Physics, engineering Differential Equations
On Jargon Analytic Number Theory and the Zeta Function Supp Various Various
Articles An Analyzable(Though Seldom Winnable) Card Solitaire Supp Games Probability
Articles An Application of Burnside’s Theorem to Music Theory Supp Music Theory Abstract Algebra
99518 An Application of Calculus in Economics: Oligopolistic Competition (UMAP) Supp Economics Calculus, Modeling
99460 An Application of Dihedral Groups (UMAP) Supp Sorting mail Abstract Algebra, Geometry
99579 An Application of EDA to the 1980 New York City Marathon (UMAP) Supp Sports Statistics, Probability
99508 An Application of Geometry to Economics: The .6 Rule for Industrial Costs (UMAP) Supp Business, construction, manufacturing Calculus
99476 An Application of Mathematical Groups to Structures of Human Groups (UMAP) Supp Anthropology, sociology Finite Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics
Articles An Application of Matrices to Space Shuttle Technology Supp Space Linear Algebra
Articles An Application of the Classical Lot-Size Formula Supp Inventory, Economics Various
99442 Application of Vertex Coloring Problems of Graphs (UMAP) Supp Model construction Graph Theory, Finite Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics
99386 An Application of Voting Theory to Congress (UMAP) Supp American politics, voting theory Applied Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics
99694 Applications of Calculus in Geometrical Probability (UMAP) Supp Probability, problem solving, computer simulation Calculus
99807 Applications of Cubic Equations Supp Computer science, engineering, finance, mathematics, physics, sciences Calculus 1, Various
99660 Applications of High School Mathematics in Geometrical Probability (UMAP) Supp Wide variety of fields. Algebra, Geometry
99474 Applications of Nominal and Effective Rates of Interest (UMAP) Supp Banking, business, economics Precalculus, Business Mathematics
99780 Applications of Sequences and Limits in Calculus (UMAP) Supp Chemistry, finance Analysis, Calculus, Precalculus
On Jargon Applied Mathematics in China Supp Various Various
Articles Applying the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange to RSA (UMAP) Supp Cryptography Article, Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics
99443 Approximations in Probability Calculations (UMAP) Supp Social Sciences Statistics, Probability
On Jargon A.R. Meijer Supp Various Probability

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