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7614 The Modeling Resource CD-Rom Supp Various Various
99801 Modeling Shell Morphology Supp Malacology, paleontology, and marine biology Difference Equations, Differential Calculus, Geometry
99067 Modeling the Nervous System: Reaction Time and the Central Nervous System (UMAP) Supp Biology Calculus
Articles Modeling the Organization of a Hockey Tournament (UMAP) Supp Scheduling Number Theory, Graph Theory, Modeling, Article
99625 Modeling Using the Derivative: Numerical and Analytic Solutions (UMAP) Supp Biological and social sciences, physical and environmental sciences, engineering Analysis, Calculus, Modeling, Difference Equations
Articles Modeling-First Approach to Teaching Differential Equations Supp Modeling Various, Modeling, Differential Equations
Articles Modelling River Flow Supp Various Various
Articles Models for Social Networks: Mathematics in Anthropology and Sociology Supp Anthropology and Sociology Various
On Jargon Modern ' Algebra : Time for Change Supp College Algebra Algebra
Articles A Modified Massey Method to Rank Players on the PGA Tour Supp Golf, Sports Linear Algebra, Statistics
99269 Monte Carlo: The Use of Random Digits to Simulate Experiments (UMAP) Supp Computer science, simulation Probability
On Jargon More Angles on the Lifeguard Problem Supp Various Calculus
On Jargon More Missouri Breaks Supp Coding Various
99699 Mortality Discount (UMAP) Supp Actuarial science, insurance Statistics, Probability, Finite Mathematics, Business Mathematics
99695 Motion of Artificial Satellites about the Earth (UMAP) Supp Physics Geometry, Differential Equations
Articles Mr. Markov Plays Chutes and Ladders Supp Various Various
Articles Mr. Markov Tours Candy Land Supp Games Linear Algebra
On Jargon Multigrid Methods Supp Various Difference Equations
99779 Multiple Reduction Copy Machines and Fractals (UMAP) Supp Mathematics Precalculus, Linear Algebra
Articles Municipal Recycling: Location and Optimality Supp Environmental Various
99588 Music and the Circular Functions (UMAP) Supp Music Precalculus, Trigonometry
Articles Mystery Circuit in Mathematics Class Supp Engineering, physics Article, Modeling, Differential Equations
Articles Mystery of the Orient Supp Various Statistics
99394 National Decisions to Enter War (UMAP) Supp Political science, rational choice or utiity theory Probability, Statistics
99495 Negotiation in Nonzero Sum Games (UMAP) Supp Economics, political science, sociology Probability, Finite Mathematics
Articles The Network Television Game: There May Be No Best Schedule Supp Scheduling Various
On Jargon Neural Networks Supp Various Various
99716 Newton's Method and Fractal Patterns (UMAP) Supp Fractals, chaotic dynamics Calculus
99728 Noncomputability and the Busy Beaver Problem (UMAP) Supp Computer Science Analysis, Computer Science
On Jargon Nonnumeric Algorithms Supp Various Various
99497 A (Not Really) Complex Method for Finding Solutions to Linear Differential Equations (UMAP) Supp Engineering & Physics Geometry, Differential Equations
99327 Nuclear Deterrence (UMAP) Supp International relations Statistics, Probability
On Jargon Number Theory Supp Various Various
Articles A Number-Guessing Game (UMAP) Supp Game theory, strategy Discrete Mathematics, Probability, Article
On Jargon Numerical Algorithms Supp Various Various
99087 Numerical Approximations to y=e^x (UMAP) Supp Other math Calculus
99731 Ocean Circulation (UMAP) Supp Oceanography Calculus 2, Differential Equations
Articles Odds , Wagers , and the Horses Supp Gambling Probability
99764 Of Mites and Models: A Temperature-Dependent Model of a Mite Predator-Prey Interaction (UMAP) Supp Population biology Modeling, Differential Equations
On Jargon On Words and Symbols Supp Various Various
Articles One Musician's Use of Combinations and Permutations Supp Musician Various
Articles A One Year Course in Mathematical Model Building Supp Education Applied Mathematics, Modeling
99557 One-Sided Operators in Rings (UMAP) Supp Other math Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra
On Jargon Operating Systems Supp Various Various
99317 The Optimal Assignment Problem (UMAP) Supp Business and economics Finite Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics
Articles Optimal Blackjack Strategy with 'Lucky Bucks Supp Gambling Probability
Articles The Optimal Can: An Uncanny Approach Supp Optimization Various
99762 Optimal Foraging Theory (UMAP) Supp Ecology, biology Calculus
Articles Optimal Growth and Productivity in Organizations (UMAP) Supp Business, management Article, Modeling
Articles Optimal Klackers Supp Optimization strategies, Game strategy Optimization, Probability

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