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Articles Practitioner's Commentary: Diet Models Supp Diet Various
Articles A Case Study in Scheduling Courses Supp Scheduling Various
Articles The Solow Model of Economic Growth Supp Minimodule Various
Articles Practitioner's Commentary: Card Shuffling Supp Gambling Probability
Articles Mathematical Developments in 1993 Supp Various Various
Articles Chase Problems Supp Minimodule Various
Articles How Many Times Should You Shuffle a Deck of Cards? Supp Gambling Probability
Articles The Combinatorics of Mancala-Type Games: Ayo, Tchoukaillon, and l/Pie Supp Game Theory Various
Articles Realistic Calculus Optimization Supp Minimodule Modeling, Calculus
Articles Optimal Klappenspiel Supp Game Theory Probability
Articles Frustration solitaire Supp Various Probability, Various
Articles Playing Konane Mathematically: A Combinatorial Game-Theoretic Analysis Supp Game Theory Various
Articles Bidding Optimally on ' The Price Is Right Supp Game Theory, Strategy Various
Articles Curve Interpolation and Coding Theory Supp Coding Various
Articles Cutoffs and Thresholds in the Democratic Primaries Supp Election, Voting Probability, Statistics
Articles Minimodule: Profit in a Mutual Fund Supp Finance, Economics Percents
Articles Doc, What Are My Chances? Supp Medical Various
Articles A Course in Financial Mathematics Supp Financial Mathematics Various
Articles Whats the Rate for a Layaway? Supp Finance Percents, Various
Articles Minimodule: Converting to a Roth IRA Supp Finance, Economics Various
Articles The Mathematical Sorting Hat Supp Optimization Various, Optimization
Articles Calculus and DNA Supp Calculus Calculus
Articles The Farmer Problem Supp Various Various
Articles Minimodule: A Suspended Camera Control System Supp Various Various
Articles The CWS Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Supp Health Care , Mathematical Biology , Neurology Applied Mathematics
Articles Sports Ranking and Twitter Supp Mathematics and Sports , Dynamics of Networks , Data Mining Number Theory, Probability, Statistics
Articles Optimizing Golf Bag Locations Supp Sports Graph Theory, Modeling, Calculus
Articles Cutting Diagnostic Tests by Half Supp Bayesian Differential Diagnosis (BDD) Modeling, Probability
Articles How Long is a Piece of Christmas Lighting? Supp Christmas Lighting Modeling
Articles Mr. Markov Tours Candy Land Supp Games Linear Algebra
Articles The Binomial Option Pricing Model Supp Mathematical Finance, Economics Various
Articles Where Should You Study? Supp Education Modeling
Articles Minimodule: Buying a House vs. Renting Supp Personal Financial Planning, Finance Percents
Articles The Stability of Boats, Triangular Configurations: The cos4 Rule Supp Boats Various, Geometry
Articles Modeling - Based Calculus with R / mosaic Supp Software for Calculus Various, Calculus, Modeling, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Statistics
Articles An Analyzable(Though Seldom Winnable) Card Solitaire Supp Games Probability
Articles Actuarial Present Value Supp Actuarial Mathematics Various
Articles Mathematics - In the Park? Supp Puzzle, Mazes Various
Articles The Flavor of a Modeling-Based College Algebra / Precalculus Course Supp Various Algebra, Modeling, Precalculus
Articles The Optimal Can: An Uncanny Approach Supp Optimization Various
Articles A Stable Cup of Coffee Supp Optimization Various, Calculus, Modeling
Articles The Utility of Recreational Mathematics Supp Fun with Math, Games Various
Articles Modeling-First Approach to Teaching Differential Equations Supp Modeling Various, Modeling, Differential Equations
SIMIODE SIMIODE Modeling Scenario : Fish Mixing (Teacher Version) Supp mixing, simulation, fish, fishing, modeling Differential Equations
Articles You Win Some and You Lose Some: Scoring a Two-Team Cross-Country Race Supp Running, Weighted voting Modeling, Various
Articles Aircraft Longitudinal Oscillations Supp Flight Stability Various, Modeling, Difference Equations
Articles The Effect of Brexit on EU Voting Power Supp Political Science, Game Theory Various, Modeling
Articles An Integer Programming Approach to Crop Rotation Planning at an Organic Farm Supp Agricultural Operations Research, Applied Mathematics, Modeling
Articles Some Limitations of Financial Models Supp Financial Probability, Statistics
Articles Mathematical Model for a Mission to Mars (UMAP) Supp Physics, engineering, astronomy Article, Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations

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