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Product # Title Level Type Application Areas Mathematics Areas
On Jargon Computational Complexity Supp Computational mathematics Computer Science
Articles Mystery of the Orient Supp Various Statistics
Articles The Standup Conic Presents: The Parabola and Applications Supp Parabola Various
Articles Testing for Homogeneity Using Minimum Spanning Trees Supp Various Various
Biomath Biomath Evolution by Substitution Supp Biology Various
Articles Minimodule: Profit in a Mutual Fund Supp Finance, Economics Percents
Biomath Biomath Imperfect Testing Supp Biology Various
Articles Doc, What Are My Chances? Supp Medical Various
HiMCM Notes Teamwork : A Winning Formula for Math Students Supp Contest Prep Various, Modeling
Articles A Course in Financial Mathematics Supp Financial Mathematics Various
Articles Whats the Rate for a Layaway? Supp Finance Percents, Various
Articles Minimodule: Converting to a Roth IRA Supp Finance, Economics Various
Articles The Mathematical Sorting Hat Supp Optimization Various, Optimization
Articles Calculus and DNA Supp Calculus Calculus
Articles The Farmer Problem Supp Various Various
Articles Minimodule: A Suspended Camera Control System Supp Various Various
On Jargon Civic Engagement via Differential Equations Supp Quantitative literacy courses Calculus, Difference Equations
Articles The CWS Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Supp Health Care , Mathematical Biology , Neurology Applied Mathematics
Articles Sports Ranking and Twitter Supp Mathematics and Sports , Dynamics of Networks , Data Mining Number Theory, Probability, Statistics
Model Reality Check Raindrops : Models and Reality Supp Meteorology , Atmospheric Science , Mathematical Modeling Calculus, Modeling
Biomath Tomography Supp Biology Various
Articles Optimizing Golf Bag Locations Supp Sports Graph Theory, Modeling, Calculus
Articles Cutting Diagnostic Tests by Half Supp Bayesian Differential Diagnosis (BDD) Modeling, Probability
Articles How Long is a Piece of Christmas Lighting? Supp Christmas Lighting Modeling
Model Reality Check How Long a String to Light Your Holiday Tree? Supp Python program Modeling
Model Reality Check Skydiving Math Supp Mathcad Prime Modeling, Differential Equations
On Jargon 21st-Century Problems Supp Problem Solving Modeling
Articles China Impressions Supp Mathematics Education ,Math Contest Modeling
Articles Mr. Markov Tours Candy Land Supp Games Linear Algebra
Articles The Binomial Option Pricing Model Supp Mathematical Finance, Economics Various
Articles Where Should You Study? Supp Education Modeling
Articles Minimodule: Buying a House vs. Renting Supp Personal Financial Planning, Finance Percents
Articles The Stability of Boats, Triangular Configurations: The cos4 Rule Supp Boats Various, Geometry
Articles Modeling - Based Calculus with R / mosaic Supp Software for Calculus Various, Calculus, Modeling, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Statistics
ResourceMAP ResourceMAP - Volume - Student Edition Supp Volume, Area, Proportional reasoning Geometry
ResourceMAP ResourceMAP - Volume - Teacher Edition Supp Volume, Area, Proportional reasoning Geometry
On Jargon Policy Modeling Supp Social Science, Interdisciplinary Modeling Modeling
On Jargon Big Data and Statistics Problems Supp Data Statistics
Articles An Analyzable(Though Seldom Winnable) Card Solitaire Supp Games Probability
Articles Actuarial Present Value Supp Actuarial Mathematics Various
Articles Mathematics - In the Park? Supp Puzzle, Mazes Various
On Jargon Adrift in a Sea of Numbers Supp Various Various
Editorial Embracing Data Science Supp Data Science Computer Science, Statistics, Various
Articles The Flavor of a Modeling-Based College Algebra / Precalculus Course Supp Various Algebra, Modeling, Precalculus
Articles The Optimal Can: An Uncanny Approach Supp Optimization Various
Articles A Stable Cup of Coffee Supp Optimization Various, Calculus, Modeling
Model Reality Check When Will a Soda Can Balance? Supp Geometric Modeling Geometry
Articles The Utility of Recreational Mathematics Supp Fun with Math, Games Various
Articles Modeling-First Approach to Teaching Differential Equations Supp Modeling Various, Modeling, Differential Equations
SIMIODE SIMIODE Modeling Scenario : Fish Mixing (Teacher Version) Supp mixing, simulation, fish, fishing, modeling Differential Equations

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