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On Jargon Genetic Algorithms in Optimization Supp Various Various
On Jargon Toward a Clean and Lively Calculus Supp Various Calculus
On Jargon A.R. Meijer Supp Various Probability
On Jargon Simulated Annealing Supp Engineering, planning, and manufacturing Analysis, Various
On Jargon More Angles on the Lifeguard Problem Supp Various Calculus
On Jargon More Missouri Breaks Supp Coding Various
On Jargon Multigrid Methods Supp Various Difference Equations
99687 Fire Control and Land Management in the Chaparral (UMAP) Supp Forest management, operations research Linear Programming, Discrete Mathematics
On Jargon Neural Networks Supp Various Various
On Jargon Wavelets: A New Tool in Applied Mathematics Supp Various Applied Mathematics, Various
On Jargon Hamming Distance and Its Discovery Supp Error-correcting codes Various
On Jargon Digital Signatures Supp Various Various
On Jargon Limitless Calculus via Ethereal Numbers Supp Infinitesimals Calculus
On Jargon Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Combinatorial Games Supp Game Theory Various
Articles Curve Interpolation and Coding Theory Supp Coding Various
Articles Cutoffs and Thresholds in the Democratic Primaries Supp Election, Voting Probability, Statistics
Biomath Biomath Genetic Inversion Supp Biology Various
99688 Time Resources in Animals (UMAP) Supp Biology Algebra, Linear Algebra
On Jargon Computational Complexity Supp Computational mathematics Computer Science
Articles Mystery of the Orient Supp Various Statistics
Articles The Standup Conic Presents: The Parabola and Applications Supp Parabola Various
99689 A Graphic Introduction to Functions: The Federal Income-Tax Law (UMAP) Supp Business and Economics Precalculus, Business Mathematics
Articles Testing for Homogeneity Using Minimum Spanning Trees Supp Various Various
99803 Gravity-Fed Water Delivery Systems Supp Fluid mechanics, engineering Calculus 2, Difference Equations
99804 Yves Nievergelt and Hugh Sullivan Supp Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Philosophy, Sciences Discrete Mathematics
7641 2011 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various
Biomath Biomath Evolution by Substitution Supp Biology Various
99807 Applications of Cubic Equations Supp Computer science, engineering, finance, mathematics, physics, sciences Calculus 1, Various
99690 Voting Games, Power Indices, and Presidential Elections (UMAP) Supp Political Science, Voting Theory Modeling, Discrete Mathematics
99691 Temperature-Humidity Indices (UMAP) Supp Meteorology, physical science Precalculus
99692 Evaluating the Complexity of Structures Computer Programs (UMAP) Supp Computer science, complexity theory Discrete Mathematics
99694 Applications of Calculus in Geometrical Probability (UMAP) Supp Probability, problem solving, computer simulation Calculus
99695 Motion of Artificial Satellites about the Earth (UMAP) Supp Physics Geometry, Differential Equations
Articles Minimodule: Profit in a Mutual Fund Supp Finance, Economics Percents
99808 Cards , Codes , and Kangaroos Supp Numerical analysis, Games Linear Algebra
99696 Design of Simple Power Supplied Using Fourier Series (UMAP) Supp Electrical and systems engineering, physics Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations
99805 Forward and Backward Analyses of Quadratic Equations Supp Numerical Analysis , Accounting , Chemistry , Finance , Taxation Linear Algebra
Biomath Biomath Imperfect Testing Supp Biology Various
Articles Doc, What Are My Chances? Supp Medical Various
99698 Rating Systems for Human Abilities: The Case of Rating Chess Skill (UMAP) Supp Social science and applied statistics Modeling, Statistics, Probability
Articles A Course in Financial Mathematics Supp Financial Mathematics Various
Articles Whats the Rate for a Layaway? Supp Finance Percents, Various
99806 Forward and Backward Analyses of Quadratic Equations Supp Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Philosophy, Sciences Number Theory, Computer Science
7644 2012 MCM - ICM CD-ROM Supp Contest Preparation Various, Modeling
99699 Mortality Discount (UMAP) Supp Actuarial science, insurance Statistics, Probability, Finite Mathematics, Business Mathematics
Articles Minimodule: Converting to a Roth IRA Supp Finance, Economics Various
Articles The Mathematical Sorting Hat Supp Optimization Various, Optimization
99809 Spirograph Patterns of Star Clusters Supp Astronomy Differential Equations
99811 Determining the Size and Shape of the Earth Supp Geodesy Calculus, Trigonometry
Articles Calculus and DNA Supp Calculus Calculus

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