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Product # Title Level Type Application Areas Mathematics Areas
HiMAP Pull-Out Speedometer and Odometer Accuracy Supp Conversions, Auto Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, Modeling, Algebra
5612 Spheres and Satellites (HiMAP) Supp Engineering, design Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry
5607 Student Generations (HiMAP) Supp Management Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out A Study of the Genetics of Sickle Cell Anemia Supp Medicine, genetics Elementary Functions, Probability, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out The Super Apple Collider Supp Physics Trigonometry
5604 Symmetry, Rigid Motion, and Patterns (HiMAP) Supp Anthropology, design Geometry
HiMAP Pull-Out Table the Discussion Supp Tables and Survey Questions Percents
HiMAP Pull-Out Taking the Long View of Life Supp Finance Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory
HiMAP Pull-Out Testing for Steroid Use: When Can You Save Money by Pooling Samples? Supp Drug tests, blood tests Probability, Percents, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Thrills and Spills In Motion I Supp Physics Calculus, Modeling
HiMAP Pull-Out Thrills and Spills In Motion II Supp Physics Calculus, Modeling
HiMAP Pull-Out Tim & Tom's Financial Adventure Supp Finance Business Mathematics
HiMAP Pull-Out Time and Motion Study Supp Industrial engineering, marketing, manufacturing Modeling
HiMAP Pull-Out Time, Money, & Polynomials Supp Finance Business Mathematics, Percents, Algebra
5615 A Uniform Approach to Rate and Ratio Problems (HiMAP) Supp Business, Finance Algebra, Percents, Trigonometry
5605 Using Percent (HiMAP) Supp Consumer issues Percents
HiMAP Pull-Out The Utility of Insurance Supp Finance, economics Elementary Functions, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out Viewing Earth From Space Supp Physics, Astronomy Trigonometry, Precalculus, Geometry
HiMAP Pull-Out Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Supp Nutrition Elementary Functions, Algebra
HiMAP Pull-Out The Wandering Sunset Supp Astronomy and Physics Trigonometry, Geometry
HiMAP Pull-Out Want a Workout? Burning Calories Supp Nutrition Algebra, Elementary Functions

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