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2009 Problems

Problem A

Problem: Water, Water Everywhere

Fresh water is the limiting constraint for development in much of the United States. Devise an effective, feasible, and cost-efficient national water strategy for 2010 to meet the projected needs of the United States in 2025. In particular, address storage and movement, de-salinization, and conservation as some of the possible components of your strategy. Consider economic, physical, cultural, and environmental effects. Provide a position paper for the United States Congress outlining your approach, its costs, and why it is the best choice for the nation.


Problem B

Problem: Tsunami ("Wipe Out!")

Recent events have reminded us about the devastating effects of distant or underwater earthquakes. Build a model that compares the devastation of various-sized earthquakes and their resulting Tsunamis on the following cities: San Francisco, CA; Hilo, HI; New Orleans, LA; Charleston, SC; New York, NY; Boston, MA; and any city of your choice. Prepare an article for the local newspaper that explains what you discovered in your model about one of these cities.