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High School Projects

Applications/Reform in Secondary Education (ARISE)

ARISE was one of five mathematics curriculum projects funded by the National Science Foundation to develop secondary math curriculum to meet the NCTM Standards. Completed in 1998, the curriculum took over four years to write. A team of twenty authors, most of whom were practicing teachers, produced a four-course series Mathematics Modeling Our World that was field-tested in 70 schools nationwide.


Technical Applications of Mathematics (TechMAP)

TechMAP is a new NSF-funded project that has developed high school modules in technical applications of mathematics. Each module is designed to be completed in 1–3 weeks. A list of currently available modules and a short description of each can be viewed on the TechMAP Web page.


The ResourceMAP project is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Its purpose is to produce secondary-level modular materials that can be used to help prepare students for high-stakes test questions that have a modeling flavor. A list of currently available modules and a downloadable PDF sample can be viewed on the ResourceMAP Web page.


Geometry & its Applications (GeoMAP)

Geometry and its Applications (GeoMAP) is an exciting National Science Foundation project to introduce new discoveries and real-world applications of geometry to high school students. The materials are flexible enough to be used in almost any class from algebra and geometry through precalculus, and are ideal for discrete mathematics or college preservice classes.

Secondary Training Effort Using Reform Materials (STREAM)

STREAM is a series of video and print guides that introduce teachers, parents, and administrators to important themes in reform mathematics. Using technology and new classroom management, new ideas in mathematics are explored in the context of curricula. STREAM was developed under a grant from the National Science Foundation.