Mathematics: Modeling Our World (MMOW)

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What you will find in the Teacher Support Site:

Support Library: Get a worksheet, a data set, or application
A collection of all of the software, data sets and program files you need to teach Mathematics: Modeling Our World. This site will be updated regularly to include the latest data, and versions of our software.

Web Links
The internet can provide a great way to explore the modeling themes and mathematical topics found in Mathemmatics: Modeling Our World. Here is a collection of web sites, organized by unit, and a list of general interest sites. Please let us know if you have any additions!

Online Support: We'll Answer Your Questions
Mathematics: Modeling Our World, developed under an NSF funded project--ARISE, has been field-tested for three years in schools with diverse student and teacher populations. Many of these field-test teachers, along with writers and COMAP staffers have volunteered to assist with questions you may have about using the curriculum.

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