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Introducing a powerful new teaching tool from COMAP!




Covering topics from Algebra I to Precalculus, TechMAP modules show high school students real, immediate uses for mathematics.

All students MUST PASS the same standardized tests in order to graduate and succeed. All 22 TechMAP modules show tangible, real-world applications of the material on these exams, driving home required math skills.

The mathematics required by state tests is taught in algebra and geometry courses, but for many students this is not enough. TechMAP modules demonstrate these skills in vocational fields; they help reinforce existing mathematics courses through actual career activities. These modules are self-contained with exercises, teacher notes, handouts, etc., and can be used individually or together. Each module takes one to three weeks of classroom time.

  • A builder finds the slope of a roof the same way an
    algebra student finds the slope of a line.
  • A farmer selling her wheat must decide between several
    grain elevators in different locations. She uses conic
    sections and parameters on elementary models to make
    her decision.
  • An exploration into the packaging industry reveals area
  • GPS devices are everywhere today, and our module
    explains how they actually work; students become well-versed
    in spherical geometry, time differences, and codes.
  • Carpenters work with shapes and relationships every
    day, and in our modules we explore circle relationships,
    differential equations, linear regression, and more.

CD-ROM contains 22 modules, Student and Teacher Editions for each, including teacher notes, answers, handouts, and transparencies.

To view The TechMAP PDF Sampler click here or to view a complete list of all 22 modules with a brief description of each one click here.

Price $89.00
Product # 7616

For classroom reproduction only.
Licensing for entire school is offered. Contact info@comap.com for pricing.