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Product No. 7708 CD Periodicals Price: $99.00

UMAP / ILAP Modules 2008: Tools for Teaching CD-Rom

Paul Campbell

Mathematics Topic:
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Included on this CD-ROM:

UMAP Journal 29.1

Guest Editorial
Calculus Isn’t Crap

Maximizing Interactions in Class and at Social Mixers

Peak-Frequency Responses and Tuned Mass Dampers— Exciting Applications of Systems of Differential Equations

Reed-Solomon Codes: A Tutorial and a Java Toolbox

An Application of Burnside’s Theorem to Music Theory

On Jargon
How to Call a Crank a Crank (and Win If You Get Sued)

Universal Language: Role for Mathematics


Guide for Authors

UMAP Journal 29.2

Publisher’s Editorial
A New Memory

Special Section on the ICM
Results of the 2008 Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling

Evaluation and Improvement of Healthcare Systems

Better Living through Math: An Analysis of Healthcare Systems

The Most Expensive is Not the Best

Judges’ Commentary: The Outstanding Healthcare Papers


UMAP Journal 29.3

Publisher’s Editorial

Special Section on the MCM
Results of the 2008 Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Abstracts of the Outstanding Papers and the Fusaro Papers

The Impending Effects of North Polar Ice Cap Melt

A Convenient Truth: Forecasting Sea Level Rise

Fighting theWaves: The Effect of North Polar Ice Cap Melt on Florida

Erosion in Florida: A Shore Thing

Judge’s Commentary: The Polar Melt Problem Papers

A Difficulty Metric and Puzzle Generator for Sudoku

Taking the Mystery Out of Sudoku Difficulty: An Oracular Model

Difficulty-Driven Sudoku Puzzle Generation

Ease and Toil: Analyzing Sudoku

Cracking the Sudoku: A Deterministic Approach

UMAP Journal 29.4

Guest Editorial
Calculus: Textbooks, Aids, and Infinitesimals

Searching for Text in Vector Space

The Puzzle No. Crunch (TopSpin) and Word Length in the Symmetric Group

Always Buy Two (or More)?

On Jargon
SPECT: Mathematical Principles and Historical Remarks





UMAP/ILAP Tools for Teaching Modules 2008

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799 Wireless Signal Processing

ILAP Modules
Who Falls through the Healthcare Safety Net?

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