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UMAP / ILAP Modules 2009: Tools for Teaching CD-Rom

Paul Campbell

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Included on this CD-ROM:

UMAP Journal 30.1

Guest Editorial
Is There a Problem with Mathematical Modeling Courses? History and Present Status

How to Re-Member?

UMAP Module
Option Pricing Using Arbitrage and Stochastic Calculus

Guide for Authors

UMAP Journal 30.2

Guest Editorial
Discrete Math First!

Special Section on the ICM
Results of the 2009 Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling

Rebalancing Human-Influenced Ecosystems

Striving for Balance: Why Reintroducing More Species to Fish Farm Ecosystem Yields Bigger Profits

Authors’ Commentary: The Outstanding Coral Reef Papers

Judges’ Commentary: The Outstanding Coral Reef Papers

On Jargon
Ptolemy to Fourier: Epicycles


UMAP Journal 30.3

Publisher’s Editorial
The Faffufnik–Chaim Yankel Effect

Special Section on the MCM
Results of the 2009 Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Abstracts of the Outstanding Papers

A Simulation-Based Assessment of Traffic Circle Control

One Ring to Rule Them All: The Optimization of Traffic Circles

Three Steps to Make the Traffic Circle Go Round

Pseudo-Finite Jackson Networks and Simulation: A Roundabout Approach to Traffic Control

Judges Commentary: The Outstanding Traffic Circle Papers

Mobile to Mobil: The Primary Energy Costs for Cellular and Landline Telephones

Energy Implications of Cellular Proliferation in the U.S.

Modeling Telephony Energy Consumption

America’s New Calling

Wireless Networks: An Easy Cell

Judges’ Commentary: The Outstanding Cellphone Energy Papers

Judges’ Commentary: The Fusaro Award for the Cellphone Energy Problem

UMAP Journal 30.4

Guest Editorial
Team-Based Resource Modeling Projects that Teach More Than Mathematics Content

The Mathematics of Refinancing

On Jargon
The Lost Art of Nomography



Reviews Index



UMAP/ILAP Tools for Teaching Modules 2009

Table of Contents:

UMAP Modules
795 Option Pricing Using Arbitrage and Stochastic Calculus

800 Mathematics and Fairness in Democratic Elections

801 Modeling Seashell Morphology

Mathematica Code for Seashells

COMAP Copyright Policy

COMAP Copyright Form

Guide for Authors