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UMAP Journal 31.2 Summer 2010 Edition - The 2010 MCM / ICM Contest Edition

Paul Campbell

Mathematics Topic:
Modeling, Various
Application Areas:

| ©2010 by COMAP, Inc. | The UMAP Journal 31.2 | 96 pages |

Table of Contents


The Modeling Contests in 2010

MCM Modeling Forum

Results of the 2010 Mathematical Contest in Modeling

The Sweet Spot: A Wave Model of Baseball Bats

Judges’ Commentary: The Outstanding Sweet Spot Papers

Centroids, Clusters, and Crime: Anchoring the Geographic Profiles of Serial Criminals

Judges’ Commentary: The Outstanding Geographic Profiling Papers

Judges’ Commentary: The Fusaro Award for the Geographic Profiling Problem

ICM Modeling Forum

Results of the 2010 Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling

Shedding Light on Marine Pollution

Author’s Commentary: The Marine Pollution Problem

Judges’ Commentary: The Outstanding Marine Pollution Papers