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Product No. 7710 CD Periodicals Price: $99.00

UMAP / ILAP Modules 2010: Tools for Teaching CD-Rom

Paul Campbell

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Included on this CD-ROM:

UMAP Journal 31.1

Thanks to You All

Practical Play of the Dice Game Pig

Using Calculus to AnalyzeWood in Streams

ShouldWe Cancel?

ILAP Module
Indy Racing: Track Facts and Tire Performance

UMAP Module
Turning All Lights Out


Guide for Authors

UMAP Journal 31.2

Table of Contents


The Modeling Contests in 2010

MCM Modeling Forum

Results of the 2010 Mathematical Contest in Modeling

The Sweet Spot: A Wave Model of Baseball Bats

Judges’ Commentary: The Outstanding Sweet Spot Papers

Centroids, Clusters, and Crime: Anchoring the Geographic Profiles of Serial Criminals

Judges’ Commentary: The Outstanding Geographic Profiling Papers

Judges’ Commentary: The Fusaro Award for the Geographic Profiling Problem

ICM Modeling Forum

Results of the 2010 Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling

Shedding Light on Marine Pollution

Author’s Commentary: The Marine Pollution Problem

Judges’ Commentary: The Outstanding Marine Pollution Papers

UMAP Journal 31.3

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial

The Bio-Math Connection

Curve Interpolation and Coding Theory

Cutoffs and Thresholds in the Democratic Primaries

BioMath Module
Genetic Inversion

Click here to download the BioMath Java Applet Reverso

UMAP Journal 31.4

Table of Contents

Publisher’s Editorial
The National Standards Train: You Need to Buy Your Ticket

UMAP Modules
Gravity-FedWater Delivery Systems
Undecidability in Fuzzy Logic



Reviews Index


Electronic Copies


UMAP/ILAP Tools for Teaching Modules 2010

Table of Contents


UMAP Modules
802 Turning All Lights Out

803 Gravity-FedWater Delivery Systems

804 Undecidability in Fuzzy Logic

ILAP Module
Indy Racing

BioMath Module
Genetic Inversion

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Guide for Authors