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Product No. HiMAP Pull-Out Supplementary Print Price: FREE with membership


Jon Choate and Marsha Davis

Mathematics Topic:
Graph Theory
Application Areas:
Matrix Operations
Activities 1 and 2 require some basic knowledge on matrices that includes matrix addition and multiplication.

Materials needed:
Graphing calculators or access to Excel.

| ©2011 Consortium 101 | 16 pages |

The focus of this Pull-Out is on networks – specifically, airline networks and social networks. Analysis of networks relies on the mathematical field of graph theory. Activity 1 provides students with an introduction to graph theory. In Activity 2, students represent airline networks with graphs and matrices. They learn to use their matrix representations to determine how efficiently (number of stops between starting point and destination) a person could fly from one airport to another anywhere within the network. In Activity 3, students work with social networks. They learn a method of grouping people into clusters and one means of recommending a potential friend to a newcomer to the social network.