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Product No. 6652 Supplementary Print Price: $12.95

Play It Again Sam

Rochelle Wilson Meyer & Walter Meyer

Mathematics Topic:
Computer Science
Application Areas:

| ©1990 by COMAP, Inc. | 114 pages |

This book describes the patterns and applications of recurrence equations and recursion in mathematics and computer science. With applications to artificial intelligence, population modeling, searching and sorting information, and computer programming, recurrence equations are an exciting way to expose students to the concepts of critical problem solving and understanding patterns.

Which works better with a given problem, recursion or non-recursion? How about recursion and induction? Using easy-to-follow computer programs and charts, Play It Again Sam not only integrates computer programming and mathematical applications but also challenges students to find efficient algorithms to address realistic problems.

Chapter One: Recurrence Equations
1.1 What is a Recurrence Equation?
1.2 Solving Recurrence Equations
1.3 Population Growth

Chapter Two: Recursive Defmitions
2.1 Recursion and Language
2.2 Syntax Diagrams for Algebraic Expressions

Chapter Three: Recursive Algorithms
3.1 Recursive Functions
3.2 Recursive Procedures

Chapter Four: Applications of Recursion
4.1 Merge Sort
4.2 Symbolic Differentiation
4.3 Backward Chaining

Chapter Five: About Recursion and Algorithms
5.1 To Rescue or Not to Rescue
5.2 Induction and Recursion
5.3 Efficiency of Algorithms References