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UMAP Journal 34.2 & 34.3 Summer / Fall 2013 Edition - The 2013 MCM / ICM Contest Edition

Paul Campbell

Mathematics Topic:
Modeling, Various
Application Areas:

| ©2013 by COMAP, Inc. | The UMAP Journal 34.2 & 34.3 | 169 pages |

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial
Developing Interdisciplinary Problem Solving

Editor’s Note
About This Issue

MCM Modeling Forum
Results of the 2013 Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Applied Mathematicians Bake the Best Brownies: The Ultimate Pan Design

Judges’ Commentary: The Ultimate Brownie Pan Papers

My Decade with the MCM

Sustainable Water Management for Saudi Arabia in 2025 and Beyond

Judges’ Commentary: The Outstanding National Water Strategy Papers

Judges’ Commentary: The Frank Giordano Award for 2013

ICM Modeling Forum
Results of the 2013 Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling

Saving the Green with the Greens

Judges’ Commentary: Modeling Earth’s Health

My Story with the ICM