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The International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education Volume 2 Number 1, 2007


Mathematics Topic:
Application Areas:
History of Mathematics Education

| ©2007 by COMAP, Inc. | The International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education 2.1 | 79 pages |

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Quarrels of a Marriage of Convenience: On the History of Mathematics Education for Engineers in Spain
Elena Ausejo

Memory and Mathematics in the Tamil Tinnai Schools of South India in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
D. Senthil Babu

Exams in Algebra in Russia: Toward a History of High Stakes Testing
Alexander Karp

Menso Folkerts, The Development of Mathematics in Medieval Europe: The Arabs, Euclid, Regiomontanus (Variorum collected studies series). Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing Co, 2006.
Barnabas Hughes

Frederick K.S. Leung,. et al. (eds.), Mathematics education in different cultural traditions: a comparative study of East Asia and the West; the 13th ICMI study. New York: Springer, 2006
Gert Schubring

Livia Giacardi (ed.), Da Casati a Gentile; momenti di storia dell'ínsegnamento secondario della matematica in Italia [Moments in the history of secondary school mathematics teaching in Italy]. Sarzana (La Spezia): Agorà Publ., 2006.
Gert Schubring

Recent Journal Publications on the History of Mathematics Education

Announcement of a symposium: “The First Century of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (1908–2008): Reflecting and Shaping the World of Mathematics Education”

Information for Contributors