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The International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education Volume 2 Number 2, 2007


Mathematics Topic:
Application Areas:
History of Mathematics Education

| ©2007 by COMAP, Inc. | The International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education 2.2 | 121 pages |

Table of Contents


Gert Schubring

Research Papers
The Numbers One and Zero in Northern European Textbooks
Kristín Bjarnadóttir

Axiomatics Between Hilbert and the New Math: Diverging Views on Mathematical Research and Their Consequences on Education
Leo Corry

Identity and Culture in Didactic Choices Made by Mathematics Teachers of the Trieste Section of “Mathesis” from 1918 to 1923
Luciana Zuccheri and Verena Zudini

Interview with Henry Pollak
Alexander Karp

Historical Document (1901)
David Eugene Smith (Translated by Eileen F. Donoghue)

Karine Chemla, Guo Shuchun (Eds.): Les Neuf Chapitres, Le Classique mathématique de la Chine ancienne et ses commentaries, rev.
Alain Bernard

Renaud d´Enfert (Ed.): L´enseignement mathématique à l´école primaire de la Révolution à nos jours, rev.
Siegbert Schmidt

Hélène Gispert, Nicole Hulin, Marie-Claire Robic (Eds.): Science et enseignement: l'exemple de la grande réforme des programmes du lycée au tout début du XXe siècle, rev.
Gert Schubring

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