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Dynamic College Algebra : Chapter 4 : Linear Relationships (Student/Teacher)

Marsha Davis, Gary Froelich and Gary Simundza

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College Algebra
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Dynamic College Algebra

Dynamic College Algebra uses a modeling approach built around applications from technical fields such as semiconductor manufacturing and biotechnology. Each chapter begins with an engaging contextual problem that students explore in class or on their own via an Adobe Air simulation. Reflecting the realities of modern technical careers, Dynamic College Algebra integrates data analysis and spreadsheet technology throughout.

Chapter 1: Measurement/Data Analysis
Chapter 2: Variation
Chapter 3: Introduction to Functions
Chapter 4: Linear Relationships
Chapter 5: Systems of Equations
Chapter 6: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Chapter 7: Polynomial Functions
Chapter 8: Trigonometric Functions

CHAPTER 4: Linear Relationships

This chapter extends basic techniques in data analysis to relationships between two (or more) variables. A pervading theme in this chapter is calibration of instruments, although many other contexts are also included. In the course of completing this chapter, students fit relationships to ordered pairs of data. These relationships include direct variations, linear functions, and piecewise linear functions.

Career Feature: Calibration Technician
Introductory Activity: Calibrating Instruments
Section 4.1: Fitting a Direct Variation to Data
Section 4.2: Fitting a Linear Function to Data
Section 4.3: Linear Models
Section 4.4: Linear Model Upgrades
Chapter 4: Review
Chapter 4: Instructor’s Notes
Chapter 4: Answers

Chapter 4: Software


Pressure Gauge