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Various Authors

Mathematics Topic:
Modeling, Various
Application Areas:
Contest Preparation

| ©2015 by COMAP, Inc. | HiMCM 2014 | 19 papers |

The 2014 HiMCM CD-ROM is now available: View all the National Finalist and Outstanding papers in their entirety.

This will make a great addition to any modeling class or can be used for contest preparation.

Problem A: Unloading Commuter Trains

Problem B: The Next Plague?

Each 2014 HiMCM CD-ROM includes:

  • The 2014 HiMCM press release,
  • Results report with team designation,
  • The 2014 HiMCM problem sets,
  • Unabridged versions of The Outstanding Papers,
  • Unabridged versions of The National Finalist,
  • COMAP membership information, and
  • COMAP contact information.