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The International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education Volume 10 Number 2, 2015


Mathematics Topic:
Application Areas:
History of Mathematics Education

| ©2015 by COMAP, Inc. | The International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education 10.2 | 146 pages |

Table of Contents


Research Papers

Question-and-answer formats in mathematics textbooks (1500-1850)

Descriptive geometry in France: History of Élémentation of a Method (1795-1865)

The practical arithmetic of Petros Argyros in relation to the Abaci tradition and the first Greek printed book of arithmetic, Logariastiki

ICMI Portrait Gallery of officers and eminent figures

Introduction to Biographies of IMUK/ICMI Presidents
Felix Klein
David Eugene Smith
Gert Schubring

Stefan Deschauer: Die große Arithmetik aus dem Codex Vind. phil. gr. 65.

Nerida F. Ellerton & M.A. (Ken) Clements: Abraham Lincoln’s Cyphering Book and Ten Other Extraordinary Cyphering Books. M.A. (Ken) Clements & Nerida F. Ellerton: Thomas Jefferson and his Decimals 1775-1810: Neglected Years in the History of U.S. School Mathematics

Christopher J. Phillips: The New Math: A Political History

Notes on Contributors