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Consortium 112, Spring/Summer 2017

Gary Froelich, Editor

Mathematics Topic:
Modeling, Various
Application Areas:

| ©2017 by COMAP, Inc. | Consortium 112 | 60 pages |

Table of Contents:

From the Editor’s Desk: New Faces

GAIMME: Introducing: Transforming Textbook Word Problems...

Math Today: Trees Built for Biologists

HiMCM Notes: The Math Inquiry Workshop...

Pull-Out Section: Modeling with Knots and Links

HiMCM Contest: The HiMCM 2016

Student Research Corner: Folding Clusters of Equilateral Triangles

Geometer’s Corner: 3-Dimentional Models of 4-Dimentional Figures

History of Mathematics: Original Sources and the Lessons of History