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Product No. 6903 Video and Guides Price: $75.00

Tools Of the Trade DVD/CD-ROM

Co-Directors: Dave Engelhard, Michael Kallaher & Jack Robertson

Mathematics Topic:
Algebra, Analysis, Analytic Geometry, Business Mathematics, Calculus, Difference Equations, Linear Algebra, Modeling, Percents, Precalculus
Application Areas:
Agriculture-Based Mathematics
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Features: Flexibility in teaching and classroom management, units are appropriate for full class, individual, or small group work. Different types of units, provide for variety in daily work. Standard student worksheets units Table and graphical interpretation units Mini-research projects units Solutions are given with the exercises in teacher’s edition. no looking in a separate place. Video introduces many units

Real problems related to agriculture are the basis for teaching and learning mathematics in this program. Problems are drawn from agriculture literature, economists, farms, business persons, and a variety of agriculture professionals. Mathematical skill areas are those used widely in agricultural settings.

Unit1:Unit Conversions
Unit2:Agricultural Aviation
Unit3:Washington Apples
Unit4:Erosion Problems
Unit5:Negotiating the Maze
Unit6:Growing Degree Days
Unit7:Growing Degree Days Projects
Unit8:More on Growing Degree Days
Unit9:Effect of Burning Stubble on Wheat Yields
Unit10:Growth of Wheat
Unit11:Estimating Wheat Yields
Unit12:Wheat Yield Table
Unit13:Washington Farm Sales
Unit14: Farm Product Sales
Unit15: Present and Future Value of Money
Unit16: Buy or Lease
Unit17: Pests, Population Growth, and Chaos
Unit18: Interpreting Slopes and Intercepts
Unit19: Using Algebraic Expressions
Unit20: Managing Residue Cover
Unit21: Why is Crop Residue Important?
Unit22: Converting Residue Cover Units
Unit23: Estimating Residue Cover
Unit24: Finishing the Field Work
Unit25: Volumes
Unit26: Tanks and Fields—How Big?
Unit27: Cutting Logs into Lumber
Unit28: Calibrating Tanks—An Overview
Unit29: Calibrating Tanks—Estimations
Unit30: Calibrating Tanks—Putting Them Together
Unit31: Calibrating Tanks—Using Calculus
Unit32: Rain and Rain Gauges
Unit33: Center-Pivot Irrigation Systems
Unit34: Reservoir Storage
Unit35: The Farmer and the Elevator—Geometric Constructions in the Field
Unit36: The Farmer and the Elevator—Hyperbolas in the Field
Unit37: The Shadow Knows: Rectangles in the Sun
Unit38: The Shadow Knows: Three-Dimensional Views
Unit39: Making the Most of Things