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Product No. 7592 Supplementary Print Price: $89.00

GeoMAP Library CD-ROM

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PC, Adobe Acrobat

Available in self-contained modules, GeoMAP allows you and your students to explore geometry as it is used in the world today. Modules address major themes in both mathematics and civilization, such as: search for optimality study of regularity, symmetry,and other aesthetic qualities of objects and drawings avoidance and resolution of conflict prediction and control of physical motions study of measurement

The GeoMAP library is available for the first time in CD-ROM format. Each CD-ROM contains the complete GeoMAP library as well as a teacher's guide for each module. The CD-ROM also contains: Links to the comap website, Information about video support for the GeoMAP library, Order forms, Contact information and membership rates and information.

Modules Included On CD-Rom
Shortest Paths Product No. 6653
Knottedness Product No. 6654
Graph Models Product No. 6655
Rigidity & Braced Grids Product No. 6656
Symmetry & Patterns Product No. 6657
Tessellations Product No.6658
Geometric Probability Product No.6659
Voronoi Diagrams & Proximity Problem Product No. 6660