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UMAP Library CD-ROM (2011 Edition)


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Undergraduate Mathematics and Its Applications (UMAP)

Project UMAP develops and disseminates instructional modules and expository monographs in mathematical modeling and applications of the mathematical sciences, for undergraduate students and their instructors

UMAP Modules are self-contained (except for stated prerequisites) lessonlength instructional units. From them, undergraduate students learn professional applications of the mathematical sciences. UMAP Modules feature different levels of mathematics, as well as various fields of application, including biostatistics, economics, government, earth science, computer science, and psychology. The Modules are written and reviewed by instructors in colleges and high schools throughout the United States and abroad, as well as by professionals in applied fields.

UMAP was originally funded by grants from the National Science Foundation to the Education Development Center, Inc. (1976–1983) and to the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) (1983–1985). In order to capture the momentum and success beyond the period of federal funding, we established COMAP as a nonprofit educational organization. COMAP is committed to the improvement of mathematics education, to the continuing development and dissemination of instructional materials, and to fostering and enlarging the network of people involved in the development and use of materials. In addition to involvement at the college level through UMAP, COMAP is engaged in science and mathematics education in elementary and secondary schools, teacher training, continuing education, and industrial and government training programs.

The Undergraduate Mathematics and Its Applications (UMAP) Library contains over 300 supplemental, self-contained modeling modules for high school and undergraduate levels. Applications range from architecture to zoology, and math topics range from beginning algebra to multivariate calculus. Each CD-ROM contains the complete UMAP library.

Includes all 331 UMAP Modules from 1979-2011 on one CD-ROM.

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