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HiMAP Library CD-ROM


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PC, MAC, Adobe Acrobat

HiMAP Modules are the perfect companion to any high school text. Each Module is a self contained modeling problem that includes exercises, activities, and where appropriate, assessment problems. HiMAP Modules cover a broad range of application areas, and topics in both discrete and continuous mathematics. With dozens of modules in print, for courses from pre algebra to pre calculus, there is a module for almost any subject, interest, and mathematics ability. The HiMAP library is available for the first time in CD-ROM format. Each CD-ROM contains the complete HiMAP library. The CD-ROM also contains: Links to the comap website, Information about video support for the HiMAP library, Order forms, Contact information and membership rates and information.

Modules Included On CD-Rom:
Loads of Codes
Drawing Pictures With One Line
Optimality Pays: An Introduction to Linear Programming
Fair Voting - Weighted Votes for Unequal Constituencies
Codes Galore
The Abacus: Its History and Applications
Explore Sorts User's Manual W/Disk
A Uniform Approach to Rate and Ratio Problems
Decision Making & Math Models
The Mathematician's Coloring Book
Spheres and Satellites
Applications of Geometrical Probability
A Mathematical Look at the Calendar
Fair Divisions: Getting Your Fair Share
The Apportionment Problem: The Search for the Perfect Democracy
Student Generations
Problem Solving Using Graphs
Using Percent
Symmetry, Rigid Motion, and Patterns
The Mathematics of Conflict
Recurrence Relations - "Counting Backwards"
The Mathematical Theory of Elections