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ILAP Modules consist of 18 small-group problem-solving projects that motivate students to develop mathematical concepts and skills. The principles of other disciplines are melded with those of mathematics, producing a broader outlook on problem-solving. Formulated like case studies, these projects require students to use scientific and quantitative reasoning, mathematical modeling, symbolic manipulation, and computation.

Lake Pollution
Car Financing
The Electronic Power Supply
Going Into Orbit
Keeping The Drinking Water Supply Safe
The Shuttle Problem
Red & Blue Laser CDs:
The Hopping Hoop
Saving a Drug Poisoning Victim
Pollution Police
Managing Health Insurance Premiums
Chloroform Alert
Stocking a Fish Pond
The Lagniappe Fund
Who Falls Through The Healthcare Safety Net?
Survival of Early Americans
Travel Demand Forecasting
Ramp Metering of Freeways