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Product No. 7601 Supplementary Print Price: $159

Calculus Math Pack CD-ROM


Mathematics Topic:
Calculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3
Application Areas:
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Designed for use in High Schools, two year colleges, and universities, Math Packs are self-contained lessons that bring math to life. There are 7 Packs organized by topic.

Applications of Sequences and Limits in Calculus
Microcosm Macrocosm: Population Models in Biology and Demography
Elliptic Integrals and Elliptic Functions in Calculus and Beyond
Geological Dating - A Calculus Application
The Mathematics of Scuba Diving
Using Original Sources to Teach the Logistic Equation
Optimal Foraging Theory
Computed Tomography in Multivariable Calculus
Clock Time vs. Sun Time: The Analemma
Closing in on the Internal Rate of Return
Differentials and Geographical Maps
The Terminator and Other Geographical Curves
History and Uses of Complex Numbers
Waves and Strong Tides
Ocean Circulation
Sharing a Secret
Calculus in a Movie Theatre
Calculus Optimization in Information Technology
Somewhere Within the Rainbow
How Old Is The Earth?
Splines in Single & Multivariable Calculus
3D Graphics in Calculus and Linear Algebra
Newton's Method and Fractal Patterns
Heat Therapy for Tumors
A Cell Population Model, Dynamical Diseases, and Chaos
Computer and Calculator Computation of Elementary Functions
Information Theory and Biological Diversity
Finding Vintage Concentrations in a Sherry Solera
Shoot Development in Plants
Rating Systems for Human Abilities: The Case of Rating Chess Skill
Motion of an Artificial Satellite about the Earth
Applications of Calculus in Geometrical Probability
Biokinetics of a Radioactive Tracer
The Solar Concentrating Properties of a Conical Reflector
Graphic Differentiation Clarifies Health Care Pricing
Price Elasticity of Demand: Gambling, Heroin, Marijuana, Whiskey, Prostitution, and Fish
Least Squares, Fish Ecology and the Chain Rule
Where are the Russian and Chinese Missiles Coming From?
Internal Rates of Return
The St. Louis Arch Problem
Differential Growth, Huxley's Allometric Formula, and Sigmoid Growth
Modeling Using the Deriviative: Numerical and Analytic Solutions
Simple Capital Theory
Tiltup Panels: Locate the Pulleys
A Mathematical Model of a Universal Joint
Layout Design for Sheet Metal Fabrication
Descriptive Models for Perception of Optical Illusions: Part II
Descriptive Models for Perception of Optical Illusions: Part I
Representing Integers as Sums or Differences of Squares
Oligopolistic Competition
Lagrange Multiplers and the Design of Multistage Rockets
The Cobb-Douglas Production Function
The .6 Rule for Industrial Costs
The Shape of the Surface of a Rotation Liquid
The Relationship Between Directional Heading of an Automobile and Steering Wheel Deflection
The Design of Honeycombs
Population Dynamics of Governmental Bureaus
Kepler's Laws and the Inverse Square Law
Calculus of Variations with Applications in Mathematics
Some Applications of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Evaluating Definite Integrals on a Computer: Theory and Practice
The Gradient and Some of its Applications
Atmospheric Pressure in Relation to Height and Temperature
The Three-Dimensional Trapezoid Rule
Series and Games: From Paradox to Paradox
The Force of Interest
Elementary Techniques of Numerical Integration and their Computer Implementation
Differentiation, Curve Sketching, and Cost Functions
Five Applications of Max - Min Theory from Calculus
Glottochronology: An Application of Calculus to Linguistics
Ascent - Descent
Developing the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Curve Fitting via the Criterion of Least Squares
Public Support for Presidents II
Public Support for Presidents I
The Dynamics of Political Mobilization II: Deductive Consequences and Empirical Application of the Model
Dynamics of Political Mobilization I: A Model of the Mobilization Process
Exponetial Models of Legislative Turnover
Lagrange Multipliers: Applications to Economics
A Strange Result in Visual Perception
Buffon’s Needle Experiment
Pi is Irrational
Radioactive Chains: Parents and Children
Kinetics of Single-Reactant Reactions
Zipf’s Law and His Efforts to use Infinite Series in Linguistics
The Human Cough
Viscous Fluid Flow and the Integral Calculus
Mercator's World Map and the Calculus
Integration: Getting It All Together
Determining Constants of Integration
How to Solve Problems Involving Exponential Functions
Numerical Approximations to y=ex
Development of the Function y=Aecx
Exponential Growth and Decay
Recognition of Problems Solved by Exponential Functions
Feldman’s Model
Tracer Methods in Permeability
Prescribing Safe and Effective Dosage
Measuring Cardiac Output
The Digestive Process of Sheep
Population Growth and the Logistic Curve
Modeling the Nervous System: Reaction Time and the Central Nervous System
The Distribution of Resources